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  • annettemarc
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    swmwshrk wrote:

    How do you delete neighbours!?

    Download Origin. Login. Click Friends. Click Show Friends List. Find friend you want to delete. Click arrow next to their name. Click unfriend.

    I searched for origin in the UK App Store on my iPad and came up with nothing :?

    When you click on the Bart/Milhouse icon, you get to your neighbor town screen (the one with 3 neighbors across the screen).

    On both my android and my iPad, clicking on Bart/Milhouse brings a popup. If you scroll down that popup, your neighbors' names are listed. Tap on their avatar and you'll see a button saying "unfriend in Origin"

    If you do NOT get that popup, there's a workaround if you download EA Scrabble. (Don't ask. This IS EA we're talking about, right?). As I recall, the scrabble app had kept the traditional screen to delete friends. Might have changed that, but its worth a try.
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  • mr_skeltal_80
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    It was gone? First time i hear about that! :shock:

    I got one, not to long ago.
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