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No Volunteer at Great Plains option or job there for Willie?

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Only on level 26, but have unlocked Great Plains and a couple of upgrades (rhino and grassy area), but there is no job for Willie to collect tickets and the Great Plains Volunteer tasks do not show in the list with Emu Experience, Big Cat Country and Baboon County. I've scrolled up and down but nothing there. Also Willie does not have any Zoo jobs in his list. The only 4 hr job is submit Poochie scripts, but even if that quest is not finished the zoo job should also be available.

I don't have the sea captain but I know is he another volunteer at the Great Plains area.

Any ideas how I can get the Great Plains to show on my list or get Willie earning some tickets? I will try and post some screenshots shortly.

Thank you.
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  • See if you can store the great plains and then place it again. Sometimes that can trigger things.
  • Thanks for the advice (more helpful than what I had from EA...) - tried storing, logging out and replacing GP in blue area with no luck. Was hoping Act 3 might help, but still no Great Plains jobs available :( very frustrating.
  • 11EEvey
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    You could try rebooting your device.
    You might also try making plenty of room, like 4-5 gigs free space, on your device, clear your cache, and uninstall and reinstall.
    Do Not play until all downloads are done even though it says you can.
    Get a screenshot of your Mayhem ID beforehand :
    Find Mayhem ID
    Tap BUILD menu
    Tap VIEW next to INFO
    Tap VIEW next to ABOUT
    Your Mayhem ID is below the Version number.
  • Thanks for the suggestion Ellie - will give that a go - The Warmongers area is showing up fine in the list since it was released today but still no Great Plains. Very peculiar.
  • Or, you might trying scrolling through all the habitat jobs that are hidden.
  • MaidenDevon
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    Gary_A_D wrote: »
    Or, you might trying scrolling through all the habitat jobs that are hidden.

    I'm not sure what you mean - I have screen shotted the habitat jobs available (the scroll bar is at the top in picture 2 and at the bottom in picture 3). Where else might the Great Plains Habitat be hidden?
  • I have the same bug. I've had Great Plains since before placing the Warmongers. It does not allow me to send Sea Captain or Willie to this location to volunteer via the gate or individual characters jobs lists. I also have the Dr. Hibbard glitch where he will eventually have a job but it's showing up as one is available (exclamation point shows up at the bottom right) but his event costume isn't unlocked yet so he cannot be assigned to volunteer. The first bug is the most annoying (the Great Plains bug).
  • Can I ask which level you are on, Clankmon?
  • I'm level 37, started day 2 or 3 of the event. I contacted EA customer service directly and they gave 60 donuts once they deemed it a progress hindering bug. That should help get the final skin that would have been received anyways if the bug wasn't there. I feel like it is fair, even though this game is how old and still has bugs like this. Started out as 30, but they bumped it to 60 since two different bugs were affecting my game. (Great Plains is the one that was frustrating though, which is effecting event progression, but since in act 3 it shows the Dr. Hibbard skin in the path and doesn't technically affect progression that doesn't bother me as much).
  • MaidenDevon
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    Many thanks - I've emailed EA again - having another player with the same issue has reassured me that I should pursue this with them.
  • Update: I'm not sure what all happened, but after completing the construction of the Wiggum house (hence unlocking Ralph Wiggum), the event volunteer work is now available at Great Plains. I have zero idea how these would in any way be related, but Great Plains is now working for me as intended. Best of luck!
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