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Simulation, anyone?

Judging by how far ahead you are in the game (Tapped Out), what's your take on life, itself, being a simulated game where you, me, as well, them, over there, too, are all but mere characters in a realm where we're ''tapping into that which is so naturally unnatural,'' that it's, rather (sips coffee), "unnaturally natural?"
It's just after 4:20 AM.
Such comes with the territory.
(tips hat)


  • It's an interesting idea, but personally I don't believe we live in an ancestor simulation.
    I read recently that to replicate the behaviour of just a few hundred particles it would take computer memory built from more atoms than exist in the entire universe. That kind of ruled it out for me.

  • I’m more or less with @LawrenceCohen1 on this question. I’ve never much bought into any of the various solipsistic stances on the nature of reality.
  • Hmmm, yes, ah well. So long and thanks for all the chocolates.
  • Nah, I don’t have enough imagination to conjure you up
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