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Boardwalk Building the Biggest Rip in TSTO History



  • danielhirsh
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    edited June 2013
    cjj425 wrote:
    I do agree that it shouldn't take more than a day to build one tile, especially since a neighbor can come in and screw it up for you, which also shouldn't be done. If it was a day, it would still take 5 months to complete which is better than a year. I've been playing for 8 months now and I play everyday which is amazing for me. Even when I had the harpies and couldn't play, I started another town so I could still play. The new town was a lot better because I knew all of my mistakes with the first town. I was able to get to level 30 in just over 3 months. For this expansion to cost about $4 million to get including land and tiles in game money it will be hard for a lot of people to complete who don't believe in house farming.

    What..exactly is this 'harpies' thing people keep talking about. It sounds like some kind of thing where you sit there and wish it doesn't come to your town and if it does you start over. Kind of like a natural disaster.
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