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Seasonal Designs?

Does anyone have any designs they put up and take down as the seasons change?

I'm not technically talking about switching the Christmas lights on, though I suppose that counts.

Anyway, it's basically autumn, and I'm almost done setting up my corn maze!
(Having the actual corn maze from the show would be cool, but until then...)

Anyone have anything like this?


  • Nope, except for Christmas lights.
  • i try to design for permanency, regardless of the season.
    if you hard. then you hard.
  • I’ve been working on permanent holiday areas, but there are always some decorations - like the jack-o-lanterns - that I scatter around town.
  • tapebelt wrote: »
    i try to design for permanency, regardless of the season.

    Same here. I have permanent seasonal sections.
  • I put seasonal decorations out in my downtown area temporarily but I also have permanent sections for holidays.
  • I have a dedicated small spooky area, but at Halloween and Christmas I'll put a few decorations out temporarily. I've been playing for five years, and for the first few years, I would decorate heavier as I played more. Now, not as much.
    This is the closest I come to doing anything seasonal. I do have a large maze at my Overlook Hotel (or whatever the game calls it) and I look forward to the snow to give it that full Shining feel.
  • callumcmor23
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    I do have like a spooky forrest that is permanent. I also have a Christmas theme park. But for Halloween I always put out the cobblestone roads on every road every haloween update just because it has change in my town and in the downtime we usually get I have something to do. I do leave a little strip at the bottom for all the NPC's to spawn.
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