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The Simpsons: Tapped Out Bugs and Issues Thread


  • Radicalrom87
    16 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    I am running IOS 8.1 on a 4S. I am having the problem that others are seeing and that is I am on level 2 and it shows to get to level 3 for the rail yard for the weekly prizes I need 30,000 and I am at 37,000 but it will not switch to level 3.

  • darnanor904
    38 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    Since the EA 'logo' update:

    1) All brown houses are tapped out immediately when I open my Springfield. They are ready in 5 minutes and remain available if I visit neighbors or Krustyland. If I leave the game and close it, ALL of my brown houses automatically tap out when I reopen the game. This is not very helpful to my visiting neighbors!

    2) The Railyard is not recognizing level advancements (no rails!) unless you exit to Krustyland or visit neighbors. The blue line showing blueprint progress for the levels actually started growing outside of the box when I had 16686/15000 and the game did not advance to the next level. I see that many are having this problem.

    Thank you for your assistance!
  • rocchervan976
    6 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    On the monorail reached the 50,000 But didn't get next tracks. Seams like glitch in game. Don't see anyone with this problem. I have restarted the system,no change.
  • Arhtwodtwo
    4 posts
    edited September 2015
    Lost all my level 57 items and progress. Was finished with the quest line. Now I need to repurchase and redo quests.

    Rail yard goes over amount until I go to Krustyland or visit a neighbor. Then it triggers the completion and gives the track pieces.
  • DestinysCreatures
    5 posts Member
    edited September 2015

    Since the game updated...

    All houses are tapped out immediately when I open my Springfield :?:. :?: :?: It's not changing, a few come back, when I leave, and come back there all tapped out again, which makes it hard for my neighbors...

    Thank you for your assistance!
  • geistttog
    1 posts
    edited September 2015
    So..here is a very huge bug. I am tryng to unlock the first Rail Yard prize of the week...except I have 19000/15000 pieces collected.........Your game isn't unlocking the prizes, but it is counting that I am BEYOND the first prizes number
  • Sissie1988
    17 posts
    edited September 2015
    Unable to collect money from buildings and Game is not registering Items that are collected.
  • Saskcon
    19 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    Same as many others. Playing on iPad, was using IOS 8.4, updated to 9 to see if it helped.
    Buildings are resetting there clock countdown to payout constantly. Brown and white houses seem worst but all the buildings will do it randomly. This is making it impossible to collect from them, as well I imagine very annoying for neighbours. Tried the online chat help, but no one answered after welcoming me to it. Any help appreciated.
  • fredsbrodet
    1 posts
    edited September 2015
    Ok, so I have now played the monorail event and I can still get some pieces using blueprints. But the reward i would have gotten requiere 15000, but i have 16000 and still hasnt gotten the reward. What is going on?
  • Dieguz_ts
    1 posts
    edited September 2015
    Same for me....

  • intenses5
    13 posts
    edited September 2015
    I'm also having the issue where The requirement for 3 track pieces is 30000 blueprints. I currently have over 43000 blueprints and I haven't been able to move onto the next reward. The blue line is well past the frame of the quest window.

  • Onkilter
    2 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    What th'? I made it all the way through the Monorail game, was working on collecting recycleables to continue adding additional track pieces, then the game glitched and restarted at Level 1 - I was at level 57!!
    I've attempted closing down my Kindle Fire & restarting, logging out of the game and logging back in, updating... and the game still starts at the initial video. I attempted to contact EA Support, but it says it will take 15-20 minutes for a rep to chat with me. (It's been over 40 minutes - do I need to wait until they wake up in California?)
    If I've lost all my progress, I WILL NOT restart - it'll be Bye-bye, EA!!
    Has anyone else had this issue? Were you able to get it resolved?
  • rawr4mitchy
    2 posts
    edited September 2015
    Ummm my rail yard isn't giving me rails. The blue prints tally just keeps growing like the first milestone is 5000 and I have nearly 7500 and still no rails. Is anyone else having this issue? Does anyone know how I can fix it?
  • chaunautuch
    50 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    I have lots of blue and white houses and since the recent update, there has been no taxes to collect...Not only I am losing money, but frustrating for my neighbors who visit to collect $. I hope EA fixes this soon and NEIGHBORS, PLEASE DO NOT DROP ME. I PLAY EVERY DAY. THIS IS NOT MY FAULT. ?
  • denise_par155
    2 posts
    edited September 2015
    I have colleted enough blue prints for extra track, the blue line has gone passed the box, what's happening, please fix, I would like to see my train move around the monorail, level 57 player, x
  • tardisbabe493
    1 posts
    edited September 2015
    Click on Krustyland. That helped to get the monorail pieces.
  • tomhg3621
    2 posts
    edited September 2015
    I am having a problem in that the vast majority of my properties are missing their floating icons, so neither I or my neighbours can tap them. This started after the recent update. There doesn't seem to be any logic to what is missing.
  • edited September 2015
    I'm having issues with my Rail Yard. I have 30958 blueprints handed in and needed 30000 to receive 3 mystery track pieces. I have not received the 3 mystery track pieces. Please advise. Thanks
  • ZeusZed
    14 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    I have been experiencing MAJOR problem of visiting neighbours since ACT 3 of the monorail event.
    Whenever I visit a neighbour, I got kick out of the game.
    Sometimes the tap counts, sometimes it does not.

    Every. Single. One.

    I have just over 50 neighbours, and I cannot visit two neighbours in a row, but to log in every time after I visited one.
    It is highly discouraging to visit the neighbouring towns.

    Am I the only one or if anyone having issues to visit others as well?
  • laradioken
    4 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    Unable to earn next monorail prize even though I've surpassed the next level.
    I'm supposed to get tracks after earning 15,000; but I'm almost at 18,000 and nothing.

    It shows 17,757 / 15,000.

    Can you guys fix this bug?

    I've logged out and back in. I've reloaded the game. This is a bit annoying
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