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The Simpsons: Tapped Out Bugs and Issues Thread


  • 11EEvey
    3240 posts Member
    @alexisvdm94 what exactly is your issue? What happens when you try to log on?
  • Got a kinda annoying issue with conform-o-meter, it's percentage ends with non-round numbers(like 100.51% etc.), anyone knows how to fix it?
  • Hello, i have connection server issue. When i download game and log on my old account, game run without any problems. When I closed the game and start it again it has problems with connection to the servers. I reinstall the game and it works but when I close app it has same problem. What can I do to play it normal without issues like that?
  • 11EEvey
    3240 posts Member
    Go to ea.com and log in using your email and password. Once inside check that your primary EMAIL is VERIFIED and add an ALTERNATIVE email address (That you will not lose access to) and a real phone number (useful as alternative methods for security codes), then verify all your details.-Once you've checked everything, change your password to be less than 15 characters with only letters and numbers in it. (It can take a couple minutes to reflect it in game) Do not change your password while the game is open on a device.
  • Hello

    I have a Problem. About 250 People stuck in the house of the simpsons Family, so i cant put the object in the Inventory.

    What can i do ?
  • @maszu1234 store a building that will store a character who is stuck, like the Treehouse for bart or Moe's tavern for moe or marge
  • Trains ~ Have had 3 stations running 1 train in main Springfield for years with the Christmas trading station and train alone / separately in Springfield Heights for years. Just spent time connecting Christmas track to other track (to make 1 train) using over-the-water-track into new land and the Christmas train will not go over the water (see photo - train stops and reverses). All track is connected now but still have 2 trains, the other train also will not cross over the water. Photo shows where each of 2 trains stop and reverse course. Is this a bug? Or is the Christmas train not intended to connect to the other? rnjsqm7l31ey.png
  • I’m reporting old Bugs i never had fixed. I have two quests blocked off and I cannot find a way to unblock them. The two quests are The Man in the Grid Iron Mask quest and The Sorcerer’s Life Sentence quest. t
  • 11EEvey
    3240 posts Member
    @spencemarcel My train is working. Maybe try a reboot
    @KaliLone6 do you have the football Field and the Magic Academy Ruins?
  • 11EEvey Thank you, reply below.
  • Tried this but no ~ what has actually solved it is interesting —-> normally an object cannot be placed, as we know, in an overlapping way (the overlayed color shows as red until the available space is indicated by a green overlay), but for the first time that I see, and I’ve been playing since 2014, a piece of track was overlapping the over-water larger track and was “allowed to” be placed (showing as green and appearing seamless). I moved it back, and had to adjust tons of track, and it’s working fine now WOO-HOO!!! One train, one track. Thanks for your response 11EEvey 😉! — something to do until snow falls in Springfield / Christmas.ehanvidopl6y.jpeg
  • 11EEvey
    3240 posts Member
    @spencemarcel that's interesting. Overlapping has happened in the past, but never with the track pieces. Glad you got it fixed!
  • Thank you @11EEvey ~ another question, if anyone might have the answer. Father Ben has his last task locked ~ saying “Quest” …how do I unlock this? It doesn’t show another character is needed. Pretty sure I completed that whole event.
  • @11EEvey thanks again ~ read the thread and it worked for me too, thanks!
  • Games crashes when click login button. Please help!
  • My Only Issue is The Infamous Bart screen heh…

    I’m going 2 Go Buy one Top of line max memory iPad & MacBook Pro a Chromebook or What’s Best for non apple Type of tablet & Im gonna see what works better…also By February I will finally have true 2-5 gig fiber wired n Wi-Fi…..I will save my TSTO Townsfolk from this Bart screen….

    Also I am Curious if we can Get a Bart screen Sign for Springfield….

    Kind of like the Krusty land Broken prize wheel….

    Also we need some mini games n Fix that loading screen forever

    That way This game can live on 4ever….lol
  • are you selling iPads now or what?
  • > @MikeIcemanB said:
    > Hello EA Gypsy,
    > I have not been able to log on for 6 days now. I was a level 12 with 20$ spent on donuts. I was pretty advanced. Everytime I try to log in it boots me out to my phone menu. Tried my account on 3 different phones all the same problem. But my friends who all started after me are able to log in to their accounts no problem.. Any help on what to do or how long to wait?

    I have the same problem. It is so annoying!
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