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Locking up at simultaneous level up / squid port creation??

Just after downloading the newest update on thursday, the game prompted me to purchase new land and place the Squidport. Just as that happened, it automatically leveled me up with the bonus level (30+) and asked me to choose a box for a donut prize at the exact same moment that it was showing me how to move boardwalk pieces. The game has been stuck in that position and wont let me choose a present (donut prize) or select the move button as its prompting me. The characters in town are still moving in the background. I contacted EA just after it happened but still havent heard back from hem. I logged out and back in and that did nothing. Every night since then, go to my town and collect my daily prize. I guess that works bcause the daily prize window is "on top" of the other windows. After collecting that prize, it reverts back to being stuck between moving a boardwalk piece and the choose a present bonus level up prize. I have a s reen shot but do not know how to post. What should i do??? Please help!!
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