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Finish Super Powers quest- how?

I was midway through the final level (animation prize) of the Super Powers quest when the event ended today. The game keeps telling me I can finish the quest I was on, and the taskbook entry for the quest still appears, but all I have left to do is finish collecting ooze, which has been removed from the game. Am I missing something? Shouldn't this disappear if I can't actually complete the quest?



  • I believe that has officially ended. That leftover stuff will likely disappear when we get a store update.
  • Thanks. When it ended, I got a pop-up stating I could still finish my active quest, thus the confusion.
  • Its definitely glitched. After mini events you can finish the part you are on.(I just finished the Barlow one in a side town)There is even a pop up saying so. But it wont let you finish. I went from 333/450 to 0/450 ooze. Now I cant send any of those characters with the unemployment office. And have the task stuck. They need to either remove the quest, or just let us compete it like every previous mini event
  • I know of a couple other people in the same boat.
  • I hate that in the last mini thing.
  • Hi guys! Weird glitch here.
    The superhero event ended, I was going to get the last prize (animation). Didn't get there, game said I can still finish.
    I can't. I can send my characters on the jobs that used to earn radioactive ooze but I don't actually earn anything. Not even money. Just nothing. The ooze counter is still there staying on zero. If I click the quest icon in the task book on the left, the game freezes until I click the shop icon. Characters that worked in the event can't be sent on other jobs because their event-based tasks are prioritized.
    Dunno what to do.
    Anyone else has this? What should I do?
  • Do you have Everyman? He had a task that generated ooze if it is still available.
  • Do you have Everyman? He had a task that generated ooze if it is still available.

    All the tasks that should generate ooze give only xp. No ooze or even igc
  • This discussion was created from comments split from: Fortune Teller Shop visual glitch.
  • I Have the same glich in two of my secondary towns. Normally I play until last prize quest starts and move to next town. After the mini event is over, I always was able to finish it and win the last prize with no time deadline.

    This time all mini event mecanics and quest remains but the ooze currency was "removed" from the game.

    We can't win the prize or finish the questline until EA release a path :s
  • You know what they say: you ooze, you lose
  • You know what they say: you ooze, you lose

    Shouldn’t that be “if you don’t ooze, you lose?
  • Hi guys!

    I am experiencing a new glitch. The Super Powers 2018 event ended, but I still had to work for the last prize, the animation. Event closed but the game informed me that I can keep earning ooze to get it.
    However, at this point, the event glitched out.
    I can't collect ooze or money for the priority jobs of the assigned characters. I can send them on the event-related jobs but I don't get anything in return (except XP). The ooze counter previously showed that I was halfway to getting the animation, now it's at zero and doesn't go up.
    I can't send the characters on jobs through the emloyment office, because they have the ooze-collecting priority jobs written in yellow. If I click the event symbol in the task book on the left, the game freezes and I have to click the shop icon to make it unfreeze.
    So I'm guessing the event and its tasks won't go away until I finish it somehow, so like 6 or 7 of my characters are paralyzed by the quest. I will always have an unfinished task in my task book so I will never ever complete the game.

    I am soooo done with this. I know I said it earlier, but guys... I had the major glitch involving the character select button and other big things not working. It was fixed in a way that I got a bigger chaos that I had before. I got a template town that I basically had to repurchase and rebuild. I did it, so i can go on.
    Then I experienced a new glitch with the land (suddenly all my land was available only for tokens - I couldn't expand at all). It was fixed, took like a week.
    Then I experienced the glitch with Hans Moleman and Grampa not working through the employment office.
    And now this. Super powers event not ending. Ever.

    I am sick of this.

    Does anyone has the same issue? Any way to fix this without EA?


  • Hi - I’ve got exactly the same problem - except I haven’t had as much bad luck as you on other things! Hope it gets sorted out soon ..
  • Same here!
  • I’m having exactly the same problem with Super Powers last task, also the same with Grampa!
    Anyone have any idea when it will be fixed?
  • Same here
  • Same here was almost finished and now back to zero earned and no way to finish.
  • Same here. Frustrating.
  • Yep I've got the same issue as well. I was on over 200/450 and now it says 0 I keep sending the characters to do ooze tasks but still says 0/450
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