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Anyone Else Stopped Chasing %age Increases?



  • Oatmeal832 wrote: »
    I'm always looking to increase. I still buy items in the vault that I can use to decorate. My goal is to get it high enough that I will get at least 15 donut boxes for every 24-hour clearing.


    I think I average around 3-4 donut boxes when I put most of my characters on 24-hour tasks - which I do the vast majority of the time.

    As long as I have more than $1 billion in the back and can generate a couple 1000 donuts in an hour or so via RTTs, I'm cool! :D

    I counted today and got 7 for a 12-hour clearing. 45 donuts a day would be enough to keep my donut bank growing without RTT farming.

    How long have you been playing?

    Since right after Whacking Day in 2013. As mentioned initially, I didn't %age chase until recent months...
  • hatchet669 wrote: »
    what bonus % are you at?



    Ok cool. Was just wondering how far off i am to getting those ammounts of boxes based on clearing jobs only. thanks.
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