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Simple sugestions that would REALLY help...

please consider the following, as i believe it would be beneficial to all of the players & to ea games itself:

1) i have an android, so i wasn't able to get a LOT of limited items that came out before the android version was made, but it seems as if those limited items that were once a simple task(s) or could even be "bought" with the earned simpsons $ are now only available with the purchase of donuts, & that is if they are even still available at all. could we have the added option of buying these missing items (pet cemetery, waterfall, itchy & scratchy floating balloons, etc) with the $ we earn in the game if we can't have access to the tasks?

2) for those of us that can't afford to spend any(more) cash on donuts, is there a way to implement gifting to our friends? it would be nice presents for birthdays, christmas, graduations, etc if we could gift &/or receive donuts, buildings, decorations, etc...!

3) during the whacking day time frame, we were able to leave messages on our friends' towns with eggs. could you please implement a way for us to send messages to our friends, as it would automatically make people play more...?

just a few ideas i had to try to help make the game more fun for everyone involved...

also, i know it has been mentioned in other threads, but i don't think it can be mentioned enough right now - PLEASE do NOT take the boardwalk pieces from a friend's town while you are visiting them, as they not only lose their boardwalk piece, but also the $ & time it took for it to "build". from what my testing has concluded, our righteousness is gauged on us doing 2 simple things: vandalizing their towns or collecting cash from other buildings; i don't even clean up a friend's vandalized town, as that seems to have an adverse effect on my righteousness level, fyi...!

thanks for the newest addiction in my life...!

repus420 & my evil gemini twin, repus187
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