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Event glitch thread THOH


  • Yeah, mine is all jacked too.
  • empathy77 wrote: »
    I went to the dig site, I hit the gem with my second attempt, the game just sat there. The animations of the game continued - the gem was glowing and the leafs were falling. But the game froze, nothing was awarded to me and I could not scroll away. it stayed this way, with the animations working mind you, for about 1 minute until I force closed the app. When I reloaded it, I was awarded a small amount compared to what I would have gotten.

    This happened to me as well
  • Not that I'm going to buy any but there's supposed to be an option to buy pickaxes in the store. I, however, have no such option to buy pickaxes. Is anyone else missing this?

    If you tap Play and have no pickaxes it will ask if you would like to buy some
  • I am getting a freeze when I clear several buildings. This seems to be fairly universal

    I have characters that don't get sent on tasks. They are displayed by skinny black dialogue bars. Not sure what this or how to stop it
  • I don't think my Nosferatu ship is generating axes.
  • I don't think my Nosferatu ship is generating axes.

    oh snap, is it supposed to? I bought it but didn't know it collected currency
  • 11EEvey
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    Nosferatu (who came with the ship) can make pickaxes. The Spooky Gorge generates fangs
  • I don't think my Nosferatu ship is generating axes.
    I assumed it was advertising that Nosferatu can generate axes.

    I also found a 100% reproducible crash-bug that I haven't seen reported yet:

    If I tap on a minion in a friend's town that would upgrade the Flanders Family Tome, I get a crash on iOS. Every time.

    So I went back into my town and tapped on another minion that finally appeared, and then successfully got the notification that the tome had been upgraded. Now tapping in neighbors' towns works without crashing again.
  • When I go to tap in friends’ towns, after visiting a few towns the game shuts down. I have 22 actions left today. It doesn’t matter if it is a friend currently playing the event or not. When I try to tap, the game crashes.
  • Nosferatu (who came with the ship) can make pickaxes. The Spooky Gorge generates fangs

    Maybe that's what it was. I bought it so fast, I don't remember.
  • Impossible to do neighbor visits. Either the screen freezes or the game just shuts itself. So annoying.
    "Not my Shmoo!"
  • I have seen a number of issues today. I no longer have the button to purchase THoH items, tapping causes huge delays... All since I did my friends task and connected with my Facebook account.
  • All my neighbors/friends are gone. Can't add new friends. The option is gone.
  • So much glitchy. Tap radius lag- certain people and buildings, freezing tapping possessed people.... sad slow issues
    PM me- I DO need Good Neighboreenos currently
  • Scary coding for halloween, witch is appropriate. Lag is not the worst ever, though. This is only like the 6th worst lag I've waded through. Things are basically fine. The IRS is operating at 70% power, with various buildings demanding to have their rent tapped individually. The screen gets stuck in the mud for 5 seconds. Eh. No biggie. My grandma used to walk real slow on elephantine legs.
  • Cannot scroll after tapping on buildings until all the money and xp have been collected from that small cluster also when you dig and find the target it freezes and you have to restart the game! It needs to be fixed
  • LPNintendoITA
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    edited October 2018
    empathy77 wrote: »
    Not sure if it's a glitch, but Evil Homer is in the idle character finder, and when you click on him, event currency is given. Then he disappears from the idle character finder.
    Ssshhhh! Don't list anything that gives you free event currency in the "Glitch thread", they might take it away...

    Seriously though, I had noticed he was doing this & seems to refill pretty much every 10 min so make the most of this while it lasts (assuming it's not intentional).

    One weird glitch I'm seeing now is no real increase in lag time but whenever I tap a building or character to collect cash/XP it won't let me scroll my screen until all the cash/XP has been collected. Could be fun when all my characters finish their 8hr tasks at the same time. We'll see...

    isn't it possible he just gets caught in becoming a minion thing and you get that due to this?

    from the gif after seems like it is.

    to anyone asking for countess dracula doing nothing is because she is the one changing people. she becomes playable once unlocked
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  • avawinters wrote: »
    Experiencing complete freeze when collecting from multiple buildings.

    Same here . I hope they fixing it sooner than later!!
  • My game freezes when I find the dig prize or run out of pickaxes.!!!
  • BLITZDonuts
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    edited October 2018
    Strange. I have only one pickaxe left and I still get freezes when tapping or swapping.
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