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Event glitch thread THOH


  • Shame... would be a fantastic event without all the bugs!
    $$Donuts isn't an issue$$ -$1,000 spent-tk7ebwtnrlv3.jpg
  • this update has made it to “Best new updates” in ios app store :D
    fast2shadow2 in Crawl to the Finish
  • I'm having all these problems to its frustrating. My nephew plays to but his game is OK.
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  • So many glitches!

  • Anyone else having the game crash when tapping on the vampires in friends towns? It was fine just now but then suddenly it now only lets me tap one and then when I tap a 2nd the game crashes And chucks me out and resets it and I lose the 30 fangs/1 incantation I should have collected from the first. Any fix?
  • WoW been playing for years and every event is just getting more and more glitches, game and screen freezes, can’t tap on places or people, can’t send characters on jobs and to rub it all in I have had a lot of doughnuts go missing (150+) what’s the chances of getting them back
    EA do you job train programmers to do the job properly it just makes the game unplayable
    You really need to sort this out
  • Every time I try to go to friends towns to tap vampires the game crashes...I can't do the quests!
  • Forge information is gone.

    Event store gone.

    Lost a couple rounds of level donuts while visiting a friend to synch.

    I'm sure my radii are messed up.

    All the common glitches.
  • Castiel_Touk
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    EA are aware about it. Will just have to wait for a fix.
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  • My game keeps crashing after I try to go to my friends to collect friend points, plus its extremely laggy.
  • My Flanders family Tome has reset back to level 1. My bonus is gone and the refresh is back to 24 hr
  • I have the collecting $$ glitch and after sending people on tasks through the Unemployment Office it freezes. The collecting glitch makes the game almost unplayable.
  • Ha ha!

    No, seriously, almost everybody has some sort of bug in this event...
  • Happened to me this morning. I was on the last vampire on the last neighbor town that counted and it kept crashing. It didn't matter which neighbor. I couldn't get that last incantation I needed for the tome upgrade so I sat in my town and waited five minutes for a new one to appear.
  • Someone at EA is gonna be in big trouble

    >:) !Exactamundo! >:)
  • There is an existing glitch thread for this event here...... https://forums.ea.com/en/the-simpsons-tapped-out/discussion/231037/event-glitch-thread-thoh#latest

    Have you contacted EA support on the missing donuts? In case you don't know ( based on the wording of your post ) this is a players forum and has no official links to EA support. The thread I mentioned may have some help for you in the freezing. Try to limit your collecting and click nothing else till the cash clears. It will be slow but less likely to freeze.
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  • Hello,
    when I consult the shop, I no longer have access to the Halloween Store with the items of the update.
    And I have another problem with the Sacred Forge: level 1 items are blocked while I'm at level 2.
  • Co0lcat wrote: »
    Every time I try to go to friends towns to tap vampires the game crashes...I can't do the quests!

    100%... it fixed yesterday and then today its doing it again.... So annoying
  • Is this the longest we've ever gone without a patch?
  • Is this the longest we've ever gone without a patch?

    Must be payback for butterfly gardens lol
    $$Donuts isn't an issue$$ -$1,000 spent-tk7ebwtnrlv3.jpg
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