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What Changed With the Treehouse of Horror XXIX Updates? (Update: 10/19)

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October 19th (Treehouse of Horror XXIX Patch 4)
  • Xylem's description "From Season 30, Episode 2 "Treehouse of Horror XXIX"" was changed to "From Season 30, Episode 4 "Treehouse of Horror XXIX"".
  • In Ruff Welcome Pt. 1, Be Unimpressed can now only be done by Adults.
  • In It's a Wrap Pt. 1, Flee from Mummies can now only be done by Adults.
  • Ruff Welcome Pt. 2 doesn't need Ned to be started anymore.
  • "Treehouse of Horror XXIX" episode tie-in's missing non-english text was added.
October 16th ("Treehouse of Horror XXIX" episode tie-in)
  • A new item group was added, Greeneries: Brown House, Springfield National Park, Big Bug House, Springfield Greenhouse, Botanical Garden, Battle Dome and Wildlife Sanctuary.
October 11th (Server Update)
  • The 165 Donuts incorrect reference to Hellscape's cost was corrected to 199 Donuts.
October 10th (Treehouse of Horror XXIX Patch 3)
  • Monster Hunter License and Crafting Levels were fixed.
  • Digging minigame freeze was fixed.
  • The Monorail now correctly moves the screen again.
October 9th (Treehouse of Horror XXIX Patch 2)
  • Taps on Minions bug and Flanders Family Tome bugged level were fixed.
October 8th (Treehouse of Horror XXIX Patch 1)
  • Mummy Minion, Vampire Minion, Werewolf Minion's names were added.
  • "No more Friend Actions. Come back tomorrow to earn some more!" text was added.
  • Store menu now correctly shows up after completing Biting Back Pt. 5.
  • Taps on Minions are now delayed by a bug.
  • The freezing bug on digging minigame was fixed.
  • A glith allowing to tap some characters multiple times after being transformed, like Evil Homer, was fixed.
  • The temporary freeze after sending everyone on regular jobs by the Office of Unemployment was fixed.
October 2nd (Treehouse of Horror XXIX)
  • The app icon, the splash screen and the friend visit's icon were changed to new ones for the event.
  • The Treehouse of Horror music has been added in the background.
  • The town center was set to Old Ruins.
  • Event Daily Challenges were added.
  • Leaves now falls on the screen.
  • Autumn look has been set for trees.
  • Water was changed to the spooky green look.
  • The decorations limit was increased to 11,900.
  • The Monorail doesn't move the screen anymore, staying fixed on the station.
  • Insanity Cauldron minigame's countdown was removed.
  • Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop graphical glitch was fixed.
  • Suzanne the Witch's jobs are now premium.
  • Comic Book Guy's Rant Online and Homer's Buy Champagne jobs were fixed.
  • For the duration of the event, Power Plant, Moe's Tavern, Police Station and Springfield Retirement Castle now require Level 5 to be unlocked.
  • Sepulcher of Evil's animation was fixed.
  • Itchy Scratchy Corner, Sideshow Mel Corner, Highway 1, Highway 2 and Krustyland Wall were removed from the Miscellany inventory group.
  • Krustyland Flowers were added to the Flowers item group.
  • Scratch the Itch can now be triggered by Hardly Working or New Gold Scratcher quests.
  • Treehouse of Horror XXIX's character group now shows scrolling.
  • Storing all items now deletes all tappables too.
  • Walking Kwik-E-Mart's store icon was moved.
  • The glitch that didn't allow Super Powers to be completed if ended was fixed.
  • Tacky Fabolous Pt. 1 now requires MyPad to be completed.
  • Building Treehouse of Horror's Gingerbread House now yelds 140 XP instead of 120, it now yields 20 points to Indolence instead of 10 and its task is now premium.
  • Hugo is now premium and was changed from Regular Characters and Male to Premium Characters and Male character groups. Unlocking him now also yields 25 XP.
  • Placing Gate to Nowhere now yields 60 XP, its task is now premium and it can be build from inventory.
  • In My Brothers Keeper, Bart and Homer's jobs are now premium.
  • Frinkenstein, Space Marshmallow, Greystash, Unicorn Wizard and Count Dracula are now premium and were changed from Regular Characters and Male to Premium Characters and Male character groups.
  • Meteor Egg now yields 200 points in vanity and a 2.5% Bonus $ and XP.
  • Placing Town Square now yields 50 XP.
  • Wizard Bart and Wizard Lisa are now premium.
  • Wizard Bart and Wizard Lisa's jobs at Magic Academy can now be done at Brown House too.
September 27th (Server Update)
  • Fortune Favors the Bald Pt. 2 to 5 now autostart if you don't have Fortune Teller.
  • Due to the way they fixed the questline, stored characters' questline restarted.
September 25th (Treehouse of Horror XXIX Teaser)
  • Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop, if facing south, shows just the Fortune Teller's icon and other random images from the town, and it can't be selected as a whole anymore, however, there is a one square spot in the lower left hand corner of where it should be, that once selected you can do the usual options.
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