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Halloween 2018 update sucks and EA help is a joke

I had the Halloween store for about 5 minutes. I bought $20 of donuts for premium items. Now I don’t have the Halloween store. Also I am at level 4 of Flanders but I can’t craft level 1 items. I have been round and round with EA help. They don’t help. Their so,union is to start over and lose all progress. Thanks a lot.


  • I am facing the exact same problem. It seems to be only happening to a few people too.
  • I'm having the same issue in the store its showing old content and nothing for new update
  • I’ve been emailing back and forth with them since Wednesday.
    The restore they claimed they did didn’t actually go through though, and their next email told me just to wait while a solution was worked on.
    It’s ridiculous.
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