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How many treats do you have left?



  • elsie_d
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    edited November 2012
    elsie_d wrote:
    4038. Cemeteries are in storage, but still getting trees & homes vandalized, so the # increases hourly.

    Damn. I am at 3100+ and you are still a 1000 over me. Did you buy a ton of mausoleums?

    Ha! No, I do have 2 mausoleums, but I gambled with the Burns Mystery Box. I had received 60 donuts twice from Homer Buddha, so I spent many of those trying to get TP & eggs to trash my neighbors' Springfields. At first I needed treats for the Heck House, but I became enchanted with the idea of the "tricks" aspect of vandalizing property. Unfortunately, I ended up with more treats than cartons of eggs or toilet paper. I would also raid my neighbors for TP & eggs but would get far more treats than eggs or TP. Of course, those who really *wanted* treats probably ended up with more tricks material, right?
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