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Reset of Flanders Family Tome Cool Down/ Bonus/ Crafting

Hi all, apologies if this has been repeated in other threads, but after speaking with two EA representatives, the only solution they recommended was to post to the forums. I hope (although am skeptical) that the studio and development teams will see this.

In the Flanders Family Tome part of the event, I hit level 11’s cool down upgrade today (10/9). Rather than receive a 4 hour cool down, it sent me back to level 2 with an 18 hour cool down. This also took away 20% fang earning bonus (from the tome upgrades). I had unlocked all Act 1 craftables, but now anything I haven’t already crafted (bushes, the arch, and homer/ Ned wall) are locked again.

I’m most upset by the decrease in bonus. And frustrated by the lack of response from EA. They said they haven’t heard any of these issues, even though I have seen them on this forum in various other threads.

Please help. If you’re having any of these issues, please reply to let EA know.


  • Re: all issues posted above, thank you, thank you, thank everything us back to normal in my game. Wow, really impressed at how quickly these issues were resolved, hope others weren’t dealing with these setbacks for too long.

    Not sure if there’s a way I could delete this thread, but all issues have been resolved. Thanks EA!
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