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Pet Cemetary and Zombies Bundle

Was looking forward to picking up the Pet Cemetary but it appears to be hard bundled with the zombies only. Not sure why I never got it before but what a bummer. Oh well, maybe next year...
"I gave him a couple of blintzes to paint my fence but he never did it! "


  • And on the same 24 minute :smiley: . Well, yeah, I think we both wrote on the same time without knowing it.

    I'm not sure why EA is so eager to follow this method when they know that this problem exist since last year. Why do they continue to chose this form when you know exactly that only new players will have the possibility to buy them, only if they actually can't afford or have interest to that specific bundle. The magic academy bundle will suffer the same consequences in the upcoming days. Not only that new players might afford the academy items, that's fine, but even I as an old tapper, I may have something missing from that bundle, something that I didn't want to buy at the academy event back then but wanted now. :/
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