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Treehouse of Horror XXIX: Premium Walkthrough

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Curse Craze Pt. 1

Witch starts

Witch: Tee hee hee! I’ve boiled ten thousand newts and my revenge potion is finally complete!
Lisa: You’re not still mad about my dad eating your gingerbread house?
Witch: No, in the end that was for the best. I was spending a fortune every year re-icing the roof.
Lisa: So, who are you going to curse?
Witch: You know, what with all the newt boiling, I kind of forgot.
Witch: But I will not let a good revenge potion go to waste!

Task: Make Witch Curse Indiscriminately (4h)
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Curse Craze Pt. 2

Witch starts

Witch: I can’t just go around cursing everybody in sight.
Witch: That’s against the Witches’ Code. People won’t take me seriously.
Witch: Tee hee hee hee hee.
Witch: But there’s one person everyone agrees deserves cursing.
Witch: Cell phone customer service representatives.

Task: Make Witch Make Long Distance Curses (8h)

Witch: What do you mean, “Unlimited Data” doesn’t actually mean unlimited data?!
Witch: May your toes be chewed on by blind squirrels!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Curse Craze Pt. 3

Witch starts

Witch: I used up all my revenge potion, and I can’t face another five years of boiling newt tongues. Now what do I do with my life?
Lisa: Well, you’re used to wicked things. Have you thought about teaching fourth grade?
Lisa: Or how about selling enchanted charms and crafts?
Witch: Well, my nephew’s always saying I should get into e-commerce. By which I assume he means evil commerce.
Lisa: All commerce is evil.

Task: Make Witch Set Up E-Shop (8h, Brown House)
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Curse Craze Pt. 4

Witch starts

Witch: I should have opened an e-store long ago. I love it!
Lisa: Would you like to see the comments and reviews?
Witch: I have a comment section? Wonderful! I love reading what I can only assume will be my adoring customers!
Witch: These aren’t positive at all!
Witch: Time to start boiling up a revenge potion again.

Task: Make Witch Respond to Customer Complaints (8h, Brown House)

On job start:
Witch: Did you bury the amulet with the hairs of your enemy like the instructions said?
Witch: Of course you can’t use your enemy’s cat’s fur. I curse you with face warts!

On job end:
Witch: Making people happy isn't my area of expertise.
Lisa: Maybe you should hire some cell phone customer service representatives.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Curse Craze Pt. 5

Witch starts

Witch: I hate running a business! Taxes, inventory, customer service.
Witch: I miss the simple joys of flying around on a broom and baking fat kids in the oven.
Witch: How did I end up in this pickle?
Witch: Well, this is America, so the rule is, blame someone else for your problems, and then curse the heck out of them.

Task: Make Witch Curse Indiscriminately (4h)
Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP

Property Bother Pt. 1

Frankenstein's Monster starts

Frankenstein's Monster: Ah, finally. Home, sweet home.
Frankenstein's Monster: Long hard day of dodging pitchforks.
Frankenstein's Monster: Time to sit down, relax, put feet up by fire.
Frankenstein's Monster: Me hate fire!

Task: Make Frankenstein's Monster Unwind at Home (1h, Monster's Castle)
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Property Bother Pt. 2

Frankenstein's Monster starts

Frankenstein's Monster: Grr, what is dripping on my head?
Julienstein: Roof leaking. Me put fixing it on Monster-Do list five mob-chases ago.
Frankenstein's Monster: This house is mess. Roof leak. Floor squeak.
Julienstein: Microwave not work. Makes my bolts get hot.
Frankenstein's Monster: Time for a home remodel!

Task: Make Frankenstein's Monster Plan Home Renovations (4h, Monster's Castle)
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Property Bother Pt. 3

Frankenstein's Monster starts

Frankenstein's Monster: Look at these plans for new dream home!
Julienstein: I love it! Hurry and hire the contractors.
Frankenstein's Monster: Me already do it. Me excellent negotiator.
Frankenstein's Monster: Me tell them, they do good job or me crush their trucks.
Frankenstein's Monster: Now to call them and say “get started”…on this tiny cellphone.

Task: Make Frankenstein's Monster Make Phone Calls (4h)

On job start:
Frankenstein's Monster: Grr, cell phone too small for my fingers.
Frankenstein's Monster: Where Dr. Frankenstein get my fingers from? A yeti? Grr.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Property Bother Pt. 4

Frankenstein's Monster starts

Frankenstein's Monster: Stupid contractor. Home remodel still not finished.
Frankenstein's Monster: Me call him today, he on vacation in Hawaii with our money.
Julienstein: He not so bad. Me think he kind of cute.
Frankenstein's Monster: Me remodel house me-self! How hard can it be?
Frankenstein's Monster: Me already a construction project.

Task: Make Frankenstein's Monster Use Power Tools (8h, Monster's Castle)

Frankenstein's Monster: Maybe this harder than me thought.
Julienstein: Don’t feel bad. You take break.
Frankenstein's Monster: Okay. Me go downtown and scare children. That make me feel better.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Property Bother Pt. 5

Frankenstein's Monster starts

Frankenstein's Monster: Me did it!
Julienstein: You fixed up house! It look wonderful.
Frankenstein's Monster: Me cut off and reattach arm three time but feel proud of self.
Julienstein: Let’s invite best friends over for housewarming party. You tell Werewolf, I’ll call the mob.

Task: Make Frankenstein's Monster Admire His Work (8h, Monster's Castle)
Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP

Keeping Up with the Simpsons Pt. 1

Julienstein starts

Julienstein: Must spruce up our garden. Plant shrubs and flowers.
Frankenstein's Monster: Yes, me like to stare at flowers in childlike wonder.
Julienstein: Me always said, I have green thumb.
Frankenstein's Monster: Me too! Doctor F. not sew it on good, and now it have gangrene.

Task: Make Julienstein Make New Friends While Gardening (4h, Monster's Castle or Brown House)

Marge: Your garden looks so lovely. Petunias, begonias, all the great -ias.
Julienstein: Thanks! Me just hope my husband doesn’t dig it up looking for lost neck-bolts.
Marge: Men!
Julienstein: And monsters. You like come in for some iced tea?
Marge: I’d be delighted!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Keeping Up with the Simpsons Pt. 2

Julienstein starts

Julienstein: Come in, sit down, Marge. Sorry place is such a mess.
Julienstein: Me husband got scared by lightning last night and go on panicked rampage.
Marge: Mine too!
Marge: Your home is very… distinctive.
Julienstein: Our furniture is like my body: put together from junk found in the garbage.
Marge: Well, what you need to do is update your décor! And the best way to start any project is shopping.

Task: Make Julienstein Shop for Modern Decor (8h, Shops)
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Keeping Up with the Simpsons Pt. 3

Julienstein starts

Julienstein: As long as me sprucing up me house, maybe it time to update me hairdo.
Julienstein: You should too, Marge.
Marge: Why? Are blue beehives not trendy any more? How’d I miss that?
Julienstein: Sorry, that come out wrong.
Julienstein: Sometimes me don’t know when to stop talking. One half of me brain came from a parrot.

Task: Make Julienstein Update Hairdo (12h)
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Keeping Up with the Simpsons Pt. 4

Julienstein starts

Julienstein: Hi Honey. Notice anything different?
Frankenstein's Monster: Yes, our cable is out. Me can’t watch Sports Center.
Julienstein: Husband not even notice my hair!
Julienstein: Me have changed my garden, my decor, my hair...is it time to change my husband?

Task: Make Julienstein Consider a Trial Separation (8h, Monster's Castle or Brown House)
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Keeping Up with the Simpsons Pt. 5

Julienstein starts

Julienstein: Husband, you big lummox! You not even notice my new hair.
Frankenstein's Monster: It not me fault I’m insensitive. I was made this way!
Julienstein: Oh sure, any time you screw up, blame it on Dr. Frankenstein.
Frankenstein's Monster: Let me make it up to you. We go scare villagers for two hours, then come home and play neck-bolt nookie.
Julienstein: You always know right thing to bellow.

Task: Make Julienstein Forgive Her Monstrous Husband (4h, Monster's Castle or Brown House)
Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP

Spooky Gorge Pt. 1

Auto starts

Wiggum: All right you teenagers, move along. None of your making out overlooking the Spooky Gorge.
Jimbo: It’s weird. We know the gorge is messy and dangerous, but there’s something about it that keeps attracting us.
Shauna: It’s like the gulch version of teenage sex. I’m Shauna.
Wiggum: Well, just stay clear of the edge, okay? You kids don’t have my cat-like balance.

Task: Make Wiggum Fall Into Spooky Gorge (4h, Spooky Gorge)

On job start:
Wiggum: My cat-like balance has deserted me! Aaaaaahh.
Shauna: He fell in the Spooky Gorge. Should we tell the police.
Jimbo: He *is* the police. So technically they already know.
Shauna: Then let’s make out.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Spooky Gorge Pt. 2

Auto starts

Wiggum: Chief Wiggum’s journal. I have been trapped in this Spooky Gorge for days.
Wiggum: The only thing I’ve had to eat are these bright red berries, which I’ve been washing down with my own urine.
Wiggum: I found a creek of fresh water yesterday, but I’d gotten used to pee flavor.
Wiggum: If anyone finds this, tell Sarah I love her, and tell Ralphie that noses are for breathing, not picking.

Task: Make Wiggum Continue to Lose His Mind (4h, Spooky Gorge)

Lou: Oh my God! Chief, we finally found you.
Wiggum: Look, Lou, I can fly. I’m a golden eagle.
Lou: Ok, Chief. Let's get you home and off these wild insanity-berries.
Wiggum: No one’s taking my berries! I’m hiding in the gorge forever!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Nosfera-Who? Pt. 1

Nosferatu starts

Nosferatu: I have arrived from a distant land where evil dwells in dark castles.
Grampa: Washington, D.C…keep the government outta my Medicare!
Nosferatu: Not exactly, but no matter. Springfield is my new hunting ground, a land rich in fat, unwary prey.
Grampa: Who you calling unwary?
Grampa: I can smell a teenager on my lawn in my sleep.
Grampa: Now you, you look like a swell fella. How’d you like to come back to my place for a drink?

Task: Make Nosferatu Prowl the Night (4h, Homes)
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Nosfera-Who? Pt. 2

Nosferatu starts

Nosferatu: Morning comes, and I need to hide from the sun. This “Dungeon” might do.
Comic Book Guy: Aren’t you a little old to be a goth? You look like Marilyn Manson’s grandfather.
Nosferatu: What’s wrong with me? Doesn’t my cape match my fangs?
Comic Book Guy: You stick out like a sore thumb.
Comic Book Guy: And I should know. I’ve been typing chat on my phone all day, and my thumbs are killing me.
Nosferatu: I shall use my vampire allure to make you my willing servant. And my first command is: shut up!

Task: Make Nosferatu Take Control of Comic Book Guy (4h, Android's Dungeon, Comic Book Guy)

Comic Book Guy: I hear and obey you, Master. What is your command?
Nosferatu: Hmm. You could start by saying something nice.
Comic Book Guy: Fine. Best. Master. Ever.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Nosfera-Who? Pt. 3

Nosferatu starts

Nosferatu: You will help me fit in! I must know everything about your culture.
Comic Book Guy: You want me to spend hours, even days, gassing on about pop culture?
Nosferatu: Exactly!
Comic Book Guy: Well then you didn’t need to mesmerize me.

Task: Make Nosferatu Binge Pop Culture (4h)

Comic Book Guy: I have taught you all I know, Master.
Comic Book Guy: If someone asks you to name the one hundred seventy five continuity errors in “Empire Strikes Back”, you’ll know the answer.
Nosferatu: I’ve never felt time pass so slowly, and I’ve spent two hundred years in a coffin.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Nosfera-Who? Pt. 4

Nosferatu starts

Nosferatu: I know all the "memes". I’ve liked all the cat videos. I’ve subscribed to every channel, no matter how pointless.
Comic Book Guy: Now you must put your knowledge to use, and update your wardrobe.
Comic Book Guy: You look like Skeletor got a job as a doorman.
Nosferatu: Now I have the knowledge to know how cutting that is.

Task: Make Nosferatu Reinvent His Image (8h)
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Nosfera-Who? Pt. 5

Nosferatu starts

Nosferatu: Ugh, I can’t concentrate.
Nosferatu: My mind is so filled with pointless trivia, I can’t focus on my dark purpose!
Nosferatu: I keep worrying about whether they’ll ever really do a good job of filming the Radioactive Man Cinematic Universe.
Comic Book Guy: Then my plan has succeeded!
Nosferatu: Minion, have you tricked me?

Task: Make Nosferatu Feel Five Hundred Years Worth of Rage (4h, Android's Dungeon)

Nosferatu: Minion, you were under my control. You had to obey my commands. How could you betray me?
Comic Book Guy: You commanded me to bring you up to speed on our culture, but you didn’t tell me how to do it.
Comic Book Guy: So I followed the letter of your command, but stuffed your head full of garbage.
Comic Book Guy: It’s the same mistake people have been making with the genies for years.

Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP

Tongue-Kiss Point Pt. 1

Auto starts

Homer: Oh Marge, I’ve hired a babysitter. How would you like to sneak off to Tongue-Kiss Point with me?
Marge: That’s very romantic! We haven’t been there since we were kids.
Homer: Oh, *I* have.
Marge: Homer Simpson, what have you been up to?!
Homer: Come with me and find out…

Task: Make Homer Sneak Out to Tongue-Kiss Point With Marge (4h, Tongue-Kiss Point, Marge)

Marge: Homer Simpson, what do you have in that bag.
Homer: *chuckles* Used batteries.
Homer: I’ve been coming out to Tongue-Kiss Point and dumping them over the edge.
Marge: That’s terrible!
Homer: Well I can’t throw them in the trash!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Tongue-Kiss Point Pt. 2

Marge starts

Marge: Gee, it’s funny how there’s only old-timers parked here at Tongue-Kiss Point.
Marge: I guess kids are having their coy flirtations elsewhere.
Homer: Oh yeah, coy flirtations. That’s what the kids are doing.
Marge: Oh my God, is that my mother in that parked car with Mr. Burns?
Mr. Burns: Well, Simpson, what are you staring at? We old cats still like our saucer of cream.

Task: Make Homer Get Tongue-Tied With Embarrassment (4h, Tongue-Kiss Point)

On job start:
Marge: Homer, why are you so upset that Mr. Burns is going out with my mother?
Homer: Just think. What if they get married? Then I’d be his son-in-law.
Homer: Then he’d probably promote me to some big-shot job in the head office.
Homer: And then I’d have to actually do some work!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP
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    The People's Author Pt. 1

    Slick starts

    Slick: More trouble in Springfield? Well, it’s an ill wind that blows no book deal.
    Slick: When Halloween horrors stalk the streets, people hide under the covers.
    Slick: And when they’re hiding in fear, they’ll need a good book to read.
    Slick: You there, cornpone. Any idea what kids are reading these days?
    Cletus: Mine ain’t reading much of anything. Just holding possum tails and pretendin’ they’re smarty-phones.
    Slick: Hayseed, you just gave me an idea.

    Task: Make Slick Listen In to What the Kids are Saying (4h, Tween Lit Inc)

    Slick: Thanks for downloading my app.
    Slick: In return for me monitoring everything you text, you get…
    Slick: An app that occasionally chirps.

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    The People's Author Pt. 2

    Slick starts

    Slick: I’ve analyzed millions of chats from thousands of children, and made an amazing discovery.
    Slick: Girls like vampire novels. Guess I could’ve saved myself a little time and guessed that.
    Lisa: So now you’re going to write a wonderful vampire novel?
    Slick: With your help. I need the little girl perspective on what’s good.
    Milhouse: Can I help too? They say I have very feminine sensibilities.
    Slick: Absolutely. Now, why don’t you kids write a sample first chapter, just so I get an idea what you like.
    Slick: I’ll get to work on clothes for when I win the Man Booker Prize.

    Task: Make Slick Try Out Ascot Ties (8h, Shops)
    Task: Make Youngsters Write a Novel [x3] (8h, Tween Lit Inc)

    Lisa: We wrote the first chapter. It’s pretty good, but I’m sure you’ll do much better.
    Slick: Great! Hey listen, why don’t you all write the next chapter? Just so I know the sort of plot development you kids like.
    Milhouse: I’ve never been trusted by an adult before!

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    The People's Author Pt. 3

    Slick starts

    Slick: So kids, how’s my book coming along?
    Lisa: We basically wrote the whole thing. When exactly are you going to get involved?
    Slick: Right now. I’m not so much an author, as a guy who comes up with marketing plans.
    Slick: Let’s start with a focus group. And who better to rate this book than the kids who wrote it?

    Task: Make Slick Use a Focus Group (8h, Tween Lit Inc)
    Task: Make Youngsters Attend a Focus Group [x3] (8h, Tween Lit Inc)
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    The People's Author Pt. 4

    Slick starts

    Slick: Reviews of my new book are in!
    Slick: "Unimaginative and predictable". The Daily Fourth Gradian.
    Slick: How could you pan the book you wrote yourselves?!
    Lisa: Because you put your name on it!

    Task: Make Slick Have the Book Thrown at Him (4h)

    Slick: Ow! I think that last one may have given me brain damage!
    Slick: Or a brilliant idea for a book! An author turned on by his fickle public reinvents himself for the better.

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    The People's Author Pt. 5

    Slick starts

    Slick: I knew it! My new book is a hit.
    Milhouse: So the public loved your lacerating self-exploration?
    Slick: No, that was a terrible idea.
    Slick: Instead, I ripped off that book about 80's video games. I call it “Steady Player Fun”.

    Task: Make Slick Admire His Brilliance (24h, Tween Lit Inc)

    Slick: Who needs a prize when you’ve got a good ascot tie?

    Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP

    The Devil Gil Offer

    Gil starts

    Gil: You'll never guess my luck!
    Gil: I was sleeping in a boxcar when the train derailed. Next thing I know, I'm down in Hell.
    Gil: Well, sir, turns out he was looking for an advance man to help market his Devilish transactions on Earth.
    Gil: So what do you say? Buy my devil and he'll make you a Hell of a good deal.

    On offer accepted:
    Gil: Thanks, pal, you made the right choice!
    Gil: Listen, if the Devil offers you a deal...
    Gil: Take it! Best decision I ever made.

    On offer declined:
    Gil: You couldn't do me this solid? You're literally sending me to Hell.

    Devil's Due Pt. 1

    The Devil starts

    The Devil: It's a beautiful day to claim someone's soul.
    The Devil: Bad day, Lenny. It seems you owe me something.
    Lenny: No! I never gambled for my soul with you.
    The Devil: True. But you did lose fifty bucks to me at poker last night. Pay up!
    Lenny: But I don’t have the money. I’m doomed!
    The Devil: Tell you what. I’ll throw away your IOU… if you give me your soul.
    Lenny: Thanks, man. You’re the greatest.

    Task: Make The Devil Collect Souls (12h)
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Devil's Due Pt. 2

    The Devil starts

    The Devil: Homer Simpson, I’d like to make you a deal. Give me your soul, and I’ll give you your greatest desire…
    The Devil: A ham sandwich.
    Homer: Deal! No way my soul is worth a ham sandwich.

    Task: Make The Devil Laugh With Glee (4h, Simpson House)
    Task: Make Homer Enjoy a Ham Sandwich (4h, Simpson House)
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Devil's Due Pt. 3

    Lisa starts

    Lisa: Mr. Devil! Let’s you and I have a little contest. If I win, I get my dad’s soul back.
    The Devil: I love contests…Sudoku, word jumbles, anything! But if I win, I get your soul too.
    Lisa: Then I propose a saxophone battle. Whoever plays the most rockin’ saxophone wins.
    The Devil: A little “The Me Went Down To Georgia” action, huh? You’re on!

    Task: Make The Devil Play Saxophone (4h, Simpson House)
    Task: Make Lisa Play Saxophone (4h, Simpson House)

    On job start:
    Milhouse: Don’t worry Lisa, I’m sure you’ll beat the devil. You had the greatest teacher there is.
    Dewey Largo: Me! Elementary School Conductor of the Month… in 1993.

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Devil's Due Pt. 4

    Lisa starts

    Lisa: I can’t believe it. The devil beat me playing saxophone.
    The Devil: Don’t feel bad. I’ve learned to play from the greatest musicians there ever were.
    The Devil: They all end up in Hell for what they do to hotel rooms.
    The Devil: And now, you and your father are headed there right now, to suffer in the eternal flames.
    The Devil: That’s your punishment for making me play jazz.

    Task: Make The Devil Go to Hell (12h, Hellscape)
    Task: Make Lisa Go to Hell (12h, Hellscape)
    Task: Make Homer Go to Hell (12h, Hellscape)
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Devil's Due Pt. 5

    Lisa starts

    Lisa: You know, Devil, you could probably get twenty percent more torments per hour if you just organized demons into four shifts instead of three.
    Lisa: And whoever is in charge of keeping this place clean is doing a terrible job.
    The Devil: Ugh, I can’t take any more of your know-it-all-ness about Hell!
    Lisa: Can I take my dad?
    The Devil: Yes, our pitchforks are too short to get through his fat layers anyway.
    The Devil: I need a break. Somewhere that the air doesn’t smell of sulfur and brimstone.

    Task: Make the Devil Enjoy a Breath of Fresh Air (4h)
    Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP

    A Howl of a Night Pt. 1

    Werewolf starts

    Werewolf: The moon is full and I have completed my transformation into wolf form.
    Werewolf: My daytime guise as a tax accountant is gone. Tonight I mangle flesh!
    Werewolf: Hear me howl, Springfield! I’m coming to rip out your throats.
    Werewolf: Unless I meet someone who needs accounting services. Then I’ll leave a business card.

    Task: Make Werewolf Howl (4h, Howl Hill)
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    A Howl of a Night Pt. 2

    Werewolf starts

    Werewolf: My howls have brought fellow werewolves to join me.
    Santa's Little Helper: *whoof*
    Werewolf: Oh wait, they’re just regular dogs, but that’s cool too. You wanna smell butts?
    Santa's Little Helper: *whoof!*
    Werewolf: Ordinary humans have no idea what they are missing.

    Task: Make Werewolf Play With Dogs (4h, Homes)
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    A Howl of a Night Pt. 3

    Werewolf starts

    Werewolf: My ear is itching like crazy…now my tummy itches...
    Werewolf: And now that impossible-to-reach spot on top of the ****!
    Werewolf: Dude, when was the last time you had a flea bath?
    Santa's Little Helper: *whoof*

    Task: Make Werewolf Fight the Fleas (8h, Howl Hill)
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    A Howl of a Night Pt. 4

    Werewolf starts

    Werewolf: Little boy, please, I need a flea bath!
    Bart: A big lummox like you? It’ll take hours! What do I get?
    Werewolf: You ever have a problem with a bully, I’ll eat him.
    Bart: Make it my sister, you have a deal.
    Bart: Man, you are filthy. I’m gonna have to mix up a special batch of dog detergent.
    Werewolf: Hey, that water’s cold! I’m a werewolf, not a werewalrus.

    Task: Make Werewolf Undergo an Embarrassing Bath (4h, Howl Hill)

    Werewolf: What is in that flea shampoo? It stings!
    Bart: My special mix. Soap, boric acid, and heavy water from my dad’s nuclear plant.
    Werewolf: What?! That’s radioactive!
    Bart: How many fleas you got now?
    Werewolf: None.

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    A Howl of a Night Pt. 5

    Werewolf starts

    Werewolf: Dammit, kid, your homemade flea medicine has totally messed me up!
    Bart: What’s the prob. You’re coat’s never looked shinier.
    Werewolf: That radioactive goo stopped me from turning back into a human.
    Werewolf: It’s turned me into a permanent werewolf! Now what am I going to do?
    Bart: I dunno? Play fetch?

    Task: Make Werewolf Play Fetch (12h, Simpson House)
    Task: Make Bart Play Fetch (12h, Simpson House)

    Werewolf: Being a permanent werewolf isn’t so bad!
    Werewolf: I’ll never have to calculate alternative minimum tax again!

    Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP

    Wanderlust Pt. 1

    Beatrice starts

    Beatrice: I’m a young, carefree teenager, and I like to make-out with my boyfriend.
    Squeaky Voice Attendant: Beatrice! You’re embarrassing me. You know that makes me go super-zit...
    Beatrice: Come on, let’s have an adventure tonight!
    Squeaky Voice Attendant: You’ll have to go by yourself. I’m cleaning Krustyburger bits out of the apple pie fryer.

    Task: Make Beatrice Have a Night on the Town (4h)

    Beatrice: Springfield has so much to offer for a carefree teenager.
    Beatrice: I just wish my squeaky-voiced boyfriend, Jeremy, could be here.
    Beatrice: I think I'll grab a delicious Krusty Burger while my youthful metabolism can still handle it.

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Wanderlust Pt. 2

    Beatrice starts

    Beatrice: It’s a beautiful day, Jeremy, let’s go for a hike.
    Squeaky Voice Teen: I’m exhausted. I’ve been on my feet for fourteen solid hours at Krusty Burger.
    Beatrice: You’re saying no to a girlfriend?
    Squeaky Voice Teen: I’m tired, not stupid.
    Beatrice: Great! Let’s go for a walk in the Cursed Forest.
    Squeaky Voice Teen: Are you crazy? We’re a teenage couple. We’re the first people to get killed in scary places.
    Beatrice: Then I should be safe if I go alone!

    Task: Make Beatrice Go for a Hike (4h)

    Beatrice: Hiking the Cursed Forest is positively enchanting!
    Beatrice: No sounds but the howl of wolves, snapping twigs, and heavy breathing.

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Wanderlust Pt. 3

    Beatrice starts

    Beatrice: This Cursed Forest is giving me the creeps.
    Beatrice: I keep hearing these odd little explosions.
    Squeaky Voice Teen: That’s me. The branches keep hitting me in the face and popping my zits.
    Beatrice: Jeremy, you came for me!
    Squeaky Voice Teen: I couldn’t let you go into the forest alone.
    Squeaky Voice Teen: Luckily we found rats in Krusty’s Krunchy Salad Bar, so I got the afternoon off.

    Task: Make Beatrice Admire Her Boyfriend (4h, Springfield Cursed Forest)
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Wanderlust Pt. 4

    Beatrice starts

    Beatrice: I don’t think we’re alone in the Cursed Forest!
    Beatrice: I hear strange eerie music, and voices speaking words I don’t understand.
    Squeaky Voice Teen: You run! Leave me here.
    Beatrice: You’re staying behind to protect me!
    Squeaky Voice Teen: No, I just can’t run. I have shin splints from standing behind a counter all day.

    Task: Make Beatrice Escape the Forest (8h, Springfield Cursed Forest)

    Beatrice: Poor brave Jeremy. Stayed behind for my sake.
    Beatrice: I’ll always remember him, every time I order a Krusty Burger Double Deluxe.

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Wanderlust Pt. 5

    Beatrice starts

    Beatrice: Jeremy! You’re made it out of the Cursed Forest alive.
    Squeaky Voice Teen: Yeah. Turned out, the eerie music and strange muttering we heard was…
    Willie: A Scotsman practicing his bagpipes.
    Willie: The Cursed Forest is the only place they’ll let me play! *angry muttering*
    Beatrice: That’s wonderful. Then we can go back to hiking in the forest again.

    Task: Make Beatrice Dance to the Bagpipes (8h, Springfield Cursed Forest)

    Beatrice: What fun! Hanging out with a burger tossing boyfriend and an angry Scotsman.
    Beatrice: On second thought, maybe this really is a cursed forest.

    Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP

    To Tomb or Not to Tomb Pt. 1

    Amenhotep starts

    Amenhotep: So, I awake from my sleep into what I can only assume is the afterlife.
    Amenhotep: Looks like the curse on my tomb kept the looters away…
    Amenhotep: Golden chariot is there… canopic jars full of my own mummified guts-
    Amenhotep: Hey, they were supposed to sacrifice my vizier so I’d have a servant in the afterlife.
    Amenhotep: Now where’d he sneak off to?

    Task: Make Amenhotep Search for His Sacrificed Vizier (4h, Cursed Tomb)

    Amenhotep: Well, no sign of that lazy scarab-sucker. Should’ve drowned him in the Nile years ago.
    Amenhotep: Time to exit this tomb and check out the afterlife.

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    To Tomb or Not to Tomb Pt. 2

    Amenhotep starts

    Amenhotep: This afterlife is way better than the priests promised. And those guys lay it on thick.
    Amenhotep: Don’t see any other pharaohs. They must have headed to a big party.
    Amenhotep: Well, the priests said that everything I would see would belong to me, so guess I better help myself.
    Apu: Hey! It says, “take a penny”, not take everything.

    Task: Make Amenhotep Collect Worldly Possessions (4h, Shops)

    Amenhotep: You say it's a "tablet", but how do you carve hieroglyphics into it?
    Squeaky Voice Teen: It's a myPad. You just download a hieroglyphics app.
    Amenhotep: Are you a sacred scarab? ‘Cause you’re really bugging me.

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    To Tomb or Not to Tomb Pt. 3

    Amenhotep starts

    Amenhotep: Truly this afterlife is marvelous. Winged chariots fly across the sky…
    Amenhotep: Ambrosia flows from the spigots named “Squishee”. And hideous demons offer me gifts.
    Milhouse: Please don’t hurt me! Take my hoverboard!
    Amenhotep: Poor thing. What crime did you commit that the gods made your nose swell up and placed glass circles over your eyes?
    Milhouse: I ask myself that question every day.

    Task: Make Amenhotep Enjoy Modern Gadgets (4h)
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    To Tomb or Not to Tomb Pt. 4

    Wiggum starts

    Wiggum: Hey you, bandage boy. You can’t just walk out of the store with a cart full of stuff you didn’t pay for.
    Amenhotep: What is this thing? He is fat like a eunuch, but obnoxious like a scribe.
    Wiggum: Return those items. Don’t make me haul you downtown!
    Wiggum: Seriously, it’s a long way downtown and I was about to grab some lunch.
    Amenhotep: Maybe this isn’t the afterlife after all. In which case, I better get this stuff back to the pyramid!

    Task: Make Amenhotep Hoard Possessions (8h, Cursed Tomb)
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    To Tomb or Not to Tomb Pt. 5

    Amenhotep starts

    Amenhotep: I return to my long sleep, awaiting resurrection in the land of my Gods.
    Amenhotep: My possessions are locked away, and the curse is laid on my tomb.
    Amenhotep: All that remains is to sacrifice one small servant to accompany to the afterlife.
    Milhouse: Hey, you promised me spiced ibis. I don’t see any wading birds at all.

    Task: Make Amenhotep Prepare a Sacrifice (24h, Cursed Tomb)
    Task: Make Milhouse Consider a New Future (4h, Cursed Tomb)

    Amenhotep: Well, one thing never changes, even in five thousand years.
    Amenhotep: It’s very hard to get a good servant.

    Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP

    Who-do Voodoo Pt. 1

    Voodoo Queen starts

    Voodoo Queen: So this is Springfield. Ugly town, ugly people.
    Voodoo Queen: The perfect place for a purveyor of voodoo magic.
    Voodoo Queen: I’m sensing this town is full of anger and resentment.
    Moe: Oh, yeah, if I had a nickel for everyone who’s sworn to take revenge on me, I could afford to hire a bodyguard so I wouldn’t have to worry about it.
    Voodoo Queen: Then all I’ve got to do is show off my wares, and the customers should come running.

    Task: Make Voodoo Queen Show Off Voodoo Magic (4h, Voodoo, Hexes, & Curses)

    Voodoo Queen: Voodoo dolls of Moe! Get your voodoo dolls of Moe!
    Moe: Yeah, this is going to be a bad week.

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Who-do Voodoo Pt. 2

    Voodoo Queen starts

    Voodoo Queen: My first customer of the day! What can I do for you?
    Lisa: Martin and his stupid violin beat me out for first chair of the school orchestra.
    Voodoo Queen: For a small fee, I could give him a cramp in his bowing arm that just won’t go away.
    Lisa: It would be wrong to do that!
    Lisa: Luckily as a scientist, I don’t believe in voodoo, so go right ahead...

    Task: Make Voodoo Queen Perform Voodoo for Customers (1h, Voodoo, Hexes, & Curses)
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Who-do Voodoo Pt. 3

    Homer starts

    Homer: Voodoo Queen, I’m suffering from a terrible curse. I’m not enjoying my food like I used to.
    Homer: Yesterday, I had five pork chops and by the fifth one, I was like, “I can take it or leave it”.
    Homer: That’s just not me.
    Voodoo Queen: I do sell anti-curses. Have you wronged anyone lately?
    Homer: Me? Never! You can ask my old pal Grimes-y.
    Homer: That is to say, you could if I hadn’t killed him.

    Task: Make Voodoo Queen Sell Anti-Curses (8h, Voodoo, Hexes, & Curses)
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Who-do Voodoo Pt. 4

    Homer starts

    Homer: Hey, it’s me again, Voodoo Queen. I need another Flanders curse.
    Voodoo Queen: Did he call you “neighboreeno” again? You poor thing.
    Voodoo Queen: You’ve bought so many Flanders dolls you’re eligible for a bulk curse discount!
    Voodoo Queen: Shall I give him a nice sharp needle in the bum?
    Homer: Whatever you think best. You’re the doctor.

    Task: Make Voodoo Queen Give Out New Curses (8h, Voodoo, Hexes, & Curses)
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Who-do Voodoo Pt. 5

    Voodoo Queen starts

    Voodoo Queen: Coming to Springfield has been a total blessing!
    Voodoo Queen: So many angry people willing to spend so much money to get back at their enemies.
    Voodoo Queen: It’s a Voodoo Queen paradise. Now, it’s time to take a day off!
    Homer: What?! But I need more curses.
    Homer: When you get back to work, I’m going to have you curse you so hard!

    Task: Make Voodoo Queen Enjoy a Day Off (24h, Voodoo, Hexes, & Curses)
    Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP
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