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Homer makes the game crash

QCOuTLaWz wrote:
EVERY hour I know my game will be crashing once. I have ALL of the characters except for frink/duffman and the volcano. I collect/give 1hour tasks to my characters every hours or so and EVERY time I tap homer to send him to the Quick-e-mart the game crashes then I have to re-open the app,wait through the loading screen to send him without problem

I see something very similar in my own game, although I usually employ task cycles of 4 or more hours. That is, when I tap on Homer in order to send him out on a task, the app tends to crash with a probability of about 80%. I have, through a process of trial and error, found that synchronizing my game immediately prior to tapping on Homer reduces the likelihood of a crash to near zero. Why does this work? No idea.


  • dmorford
    23 posts
    edited November 2012
    Same here. I haven't done a lot of analysis, but I've certainly noticed over the last week or so that the app crashes every time I try to give Homer a task. It doesn't happen with any other character and it works fine again after crashing and reloading until he finishes his next task. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next update.
  • tommychievo
    16 posts
    edited November 2012
    yes! I've got the same problem... but whenever I try to tap Homer and not only for a task the app crash ..bah ! :x
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