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Anyone hoarding shovels?


  • I think I'll clear 1200 before the 3rd Act. I only have 2400 in incantations, but I'm pretty sure the extra buildings I have will max me out when the collection area is allowed to count up to 50%.
  • I'll be close to 1000 when act 3 starts .
  • As you guys requested, I have missed out on the act 1 & 2 prizes in order to hoard these axes , and to stop now would make that sacrifice meaningless, so I'll be staying the course and continuing to hoard during all of act 3 and then beyond. Axes Forever!
  • Just under 1,200 pickaxes, three daily tasks to collect, all the kids writing fiction and my neighbour visits ready to go when act 3 starts.

    I might finish act 3 today or tomorrow...!
  • I have about 1200 pickaxe. Gonna be a long dig!!
  • nmd6
    159 posts Member
    The best thing about this is that people tend to run out of steam in events around this time and they just want to see the back of them. So this wee quirk allows us to finish the event, unlock and craft all that we have to and then redesign our areas long before the next event starts.
    Also in this particular event it will give us the chance to start stockpiling sprinkles for Black Friday/Thanksgiving (with the added boost of bonuts) too.
  • is it about 2 hours and 45 mins left to act 3 starts ?
  • Yea ive got well over 1200 axes, Tweenlit building ready to cash, 3 daily challenges, The forge, the gorge, an full town of werewolves all ready for 9am switch over.

    Also there are only 2 characters for me to buy this act so i'll be ready for black friday/cyber monday sales.
  • 1345 got me up to the 3rd prize.
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking. Don't forget about the Springfield Showcase
  • I just unlocked mummy Wiggum. Still have 400+ pickaxes left. Now what?
  • Keep going untill done with the act. Still get currency and incantation. i still got 900 left. It was like we only needed half as many axes this time around...
  • It probably felt like less because of the hoarding.

    Me, I wiped through 1600 picks.
  • I have over a 1,000 pickaxes saved up too to start Act 3.

    When act 2 started I had only @ 350 picaxes saved. And with that I completed all of the Act 2 question line and a huge chunk of the wait to She-Wolf.

    I am sure act 3 will completed in short order and then just crafting any extra items I want for my town designs.

    I like no pressure events that actually offer some good crafting items for designs.

    ..................now if the Act 3 lag would go away, I just might be able to use my 1,000 + pickaxes waiting to be used!
  • Castiel19x wrote: »
    1345 got me up to the 3rd prize.

    Don't you use the handy dandy chart? 300 pickaxes got me Mummy Wiggums with some left over.
    "Not my Shmoo!"
  • Castiel19x wrote: »
    1345 got me up to the 3rd prize.

    Don't you use the handy dandy chart? 300 pickaxes got me Mummy Wiggums with some left over.

    Probably meant the main prize track. I've unlocked Wiggum and the free land token and still have 600 picks to use. Stupid need to work to make money to exchange for goods and services!
  • KLmaker
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    Thank you for explaining the Bonuts LisaSimpsonOH

    I've been trying to find this post for a while.
  • KLmaker
    1479 posts Member
    I had worked out how much pickaxes I needed to use to get Were-milhouse and I thought I would get She-wolf as well, but my maths have always been rubbish and I missed her.

    But I wasn't too far off, I didn't need to do anymore so I could hoard axes, I got She-wolf and 1 lot of 3 Bonuts, and saved 3 Daily Challenges for Act 3.

    Hoarding again ready for when I have unlocked Level 8, 700 incantations short, it takes soooo looooonnnnnggggg to get them.

    Once I've unlocked Small Dune, I will get some of them, (for Great Plains), and when I'm confident of my bonus I will dig again.

    Earlier it was 31.2 plus 40 from the Tome, I think the Tome just upgraded afterwards.

    About 600 picks now.
    I will probably leave it till the last hours with bonus as high as possible so I can get more stuff from Holy Forge, or I might rush the Prize Track again.

    This is the first time I got 2 final prizes, I might get the third, and it is all down to the pickaxes.
    Plus, they have jobs that bring in furs so good idea to get them.
  • After all the hoarding, I'm less than 10k away from the grand pyramid. I should have it first thing in the morning.
  • Loanet wrote: »
    It probably felt like less because of the hoarding.

    Me, I wiped through 1600 picks.

    I was gettting 2 relics per dig even tho the reward pop up said only 1. So i got mummy wiggam after 45 relics found.
  • At start of Act 3 I had just shy of 1600 axes... only a couple days into the act and already 260k+ wraps, only 57k from Womenhet. So happy this event is going well :-)
    When there was The [Broken] Wheel. The horror... The Horror!
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