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Not building any new property right now ... Losing experience points ...

c-rod970 wrote:
So I am maxed out at level 22 with full experience (80800) ... I decided to arrange my town and build more property ... Then I realized all the experice points I would be getting for doing this are not being added to my total ... This is significant because some buildings give lots (over 2000) points ... I have decided to not build or add anything else until the update is done ... However I am going to use this time to make my Springfield my bad &$$ with what I have ... So the point of this post is - if you are maxed out you may want to hold off on any expansions at this time or if you must build do not comete the build until after the update arrives ... Peace out!

This has been discussed before -- specifically within the context of whether or not one should postpone the purchase and construction of the Krabaple apartment complex. There is no right or wrong answer, of course, but I don't think many (myself included) were in agreement with your strategy.



  • socopopojr
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    edited November 2012
    If you are really concerned about experience, then feel free to wait. I will warn you that the story mode/missions after the apartment is built are quite long. I'm guessing it prob took a week to finish up the remaining missions.
  • thejudd67
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    edited November 2012
    The thread KrustyBrand links to pretty well sums it up. If you're a very infrequent player then I can see some logic in holding off on the Krabappel apartment to not lose the XP but if you're playing every day then given EA's current pace of releasing you will hit the top of Level 23 long before Level 24 is released whether you wait to build the rest of the buildings or not.
  • c-rod970
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    edited November 2012
    Everyone keeps saying that I should build the apt building and not wait ... I have built everything including the apt building ... What I am saying is that I am not building any new houses or stores ... I never said that I was not going to continue my missions ... I also said that if I built something, instead of clicking the hammer and check mark right away, I could wait until the update and then collect the experience points then ... This way I would be able to level up faster because I would hit them all at once ... I also stated in another thread that I liked this time cause I am able to stockpile my cash ... Anyway, to each their own ... You do your thing and I will do mine ... Doesn't mean anyone of us is wrong ... Peace out!
  • dromtsul
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    No need to get defensive. A correct answer doesn't make it any less unnecessary.
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