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Like to craft much or not much in Major Events?

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I had thought of this.

In major events, do you like to craft much or not much and only get what you want?

I'm not big on crafting but I would get the new buildings, new character skin (definitely), and some new decorations that might or might not have a bonus pay out after the event ends. I always skip the crowds that are in the crafting area although I did on purpose in Bart Royale. I pretty much store all those crafting decorations (except the new buildings) after each major events. Although, if some of the new decorations in the crafting do have a bonus pay out after the event, I'll take them out of the storage and place them.

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  • I only get what I want. Usually one of everything unless I need more walls.
  • I will always craft something that I can make multiple of and that pays $. Its chalets for me this time around.
  • Loanet
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    I do mild crafting throughout and start landscape crafting near the end of the Third Act once I've won everything and it's all unlocked. I've got a lot of incantations and I intend to use them all,
  • I'd like to craft more, but they simply won't give us the resources to do it.
  • I will craft until I cleared all my resources. And then store them. Items that I like I may buy more with donuts
  • depends on the craftables... for thoh xxix, there are quite a few items i'd like to craft as much as possible. in this act alone, i want as many mob crowds, rickety bridges, and huge trees as i can reasonably churn out.

    i'm at the point in the game where i'm not concerned about whether a craftable item has a bonus or a payout. i only care about whether i think it's a good item to design with or not.
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  • I will always craft one of everything and then focus on things that help me design. This time around it will be huge trees, arches and rickety bridges.

    Wasn’t too fussed on the desert items last time, so not sure if I’ll craft multiples of the upcoming Mummy items.
  • There's always a few things I'd craft a zillion of, like these tall pine trees or stone walls. But the others, I'm ok with an individual item.
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  • 4junk3000 wrote: »
    There's always a few things I'd craft a zillion of, like these tall pine trees or stone walls. But the others, I'm ok with an individual item.

    Same, some of the items I will craft 1, 2, or 4 just in case I need them for future designs. It's come in handy before but i'm afraid to say that a majority of the items just stay in storage.
  • TheJuiceLoosener
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    My philosophy on crafting is always the same. I craft one of everything then craft multiples of the stuff I want right before the event ends until all my currency is spent. Unfortunately, the "bonus area" concept has forced me to adjust my habits a little bit this year.
  • johncolombo
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    I crafted some multiples to get the max bonus but pretty much like to make sure I get one of everything. Example I like the new crowds of people, wanted to craft more but they have expensive taste :D so I'm waiting to the end to see what I like the best after I get one of everything.
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  • Crafting is just earning decorations. What's wrong with that? I don't like crafting levels, that seems wasteful. Just give me the stuff I want.
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  • I usually craft one of everything. But leave out what I don't think I want. True story. Wasn't sure if I wanted the bart Spinx and forgot to craft it. So I don't know if it will ever return just like some other things🐎. I can't get enough trees and want to make a couple angry mobs. Alot I want a bunch of. So going to be hard managing my spending this event.
  • I always craft as much as I possibly can during events and use up crafting currency.
    bluntcard wrote: »
    Crafting is just earning decorations.
    This is not always true, there are buildings you can craft in this event which are limited only by the amount of crafting currency you can obtain.

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  • If it pays cash-Dollar, I'm well up for it! I have multiple Town houses and Spooky Cabins from previous events that generate a decent income. Anything else I'm pretty 'Meh' about unless it looks really cool.
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