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Game Died... Now Refusing to Connect to Server

So I'd just gotten to the "Send 20 characters to dine at The Frying Dutchman" part of Squidport and was sending characters to do this. I had maybe sent 6/7 to do the task when my game suddenly went to the loading screen before cutting to the "Cannot Connect to Server" screen.

I've hard quit the game and still go back to that screen. I've turned my iPhone on and off. Still nothing... :'(

Updated -

Deleted and Re-installed the app. It dowloaded 80/80 updates 102mb.

Everything looked fine as I got to the log-in screen and it said I had been logged out and asked me if I wanted to log-in to continue with my Springfield. Entered my log-in details donut spins and then bam... Cannot Connect to Server.

Any other ideas?
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