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Minion glitch??

So I got busy with life earlier and haven't played in about five hours. I heard a push notification, checked it, Monster Minions are taking over my town! So I open the game. It loads, then before I can tap anything it immediately Bart-screens me. I hit retry, and when I get back into the game I tapped on my event people, put them back on task, then clicked the Flanders Tome to clear the minions. A pop up appears that says there are no minions in my town and I have to wait for some to appear! Excuse me?? What happened to all the minions that were taking over my town 2 minutes ago that I did not clear? I didn't even get credit for them! I have a daily challenge to clear 30 and it was at 21/30 five hours ago and it's still 21/30! NOT COOL!!!!
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