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My Thoughts On Buying Donuts Load for Attached Premium Character

I am a successful farmer…..BUT….I always look to look for deals to spend $10-$20 a year on the game because even at that, I get my money’s worth of time spent in the game and I want to support it so it will continue.

The $4.99 or $9.99 for a character with donut bonus is what I will go for nearly every time.

But $19.99 for a non voiced one off character with no donut bonus is certainly NOT a deal for the masses of paying players.

I am in business and I just don’t get company’s mentality sometimes…….getting more of less is better than less of more.

I mean, I have little doubt there would be a significantly more amount of people who would pay $9.99 for bonus package of donuts that came with a premium character than $19.99 with no donut bonus.

I would think most other players who are willing to pay (even farmer paying players) have their tipping point of walking away. Some it may be $4.99 and the rest are probably $9.99 with only a small percentage remaining at $19.99…..and if it is over that $9.99 (or $4.99) max tipping point, they will never buy, hence loss revenue for EA from that MAJORITY of paying players.

Even though I am willing to buy donut loads with a premium character and donut bonus.....if you haven’t guessed….I passed on this Halloween's Premium Character real cash deal….


  • I suppose it is a matter of perspective. I dont need to buy donuts, but I still do from time to time to help support a game that has entertained me for going on 7 years now.

    That being said, one way to look at it is that getting an exclusive character is a bonus. So far I havent seen any of these "cash" characters or skins for sale any other way, and I doubt you ever will (and I wouldnt be happy if they did, but that is a seperate issue entirely)

    Just playing devils advocate here, not endorsing one side or the other.
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  • Just looking at it from a business prospective more than anything else.

    (Personally I like to support this game financially every year as it has given me years of entertainment and hoping for years to come, which will only happen if people support it financially, i.e. at least one scratcher every few months)

    For EA, there is development cost for creating a skin but nothing beyond that, i.e. no raw materials to purchase, no manufacturing expenses, no shipping fees, return/restocking worries, etc....

    These are just to encourage players that wouldn't buy a Donut Load to actually buy one once in awhile, which marketing wise is very smart. I just think they are shooting themselves in the foot with a good idea and opportunity.

    In the past they have done the premium characters for $9.99 along with bonus donuts. It was a no brainer for me. But with the last two being $19.99, they lost my business they would have had.

    I have been in merchandising for over 16 years and have worked with many of the largest globally recognized companies and brands. I cannot tell you how many studies we have done that showed selling something for $4.99 (or less) with a smaller profit margin gave the company FAR more profit from the TOTAL number of sales than selling something for $19.99 with quadruple the profit margin.

    There is a breaking point for each product where it is an impulse buy by the customer with no real thought of money vs value....they just want it and it low enough cost wise that they don't have to think about it. But once you get into the cost range of the customer feeling like they need to weigh out (or justify) the money needed for the purchase, you just lost 90%+ of the sales volume you would have had at the impulse buying cost range.

    Simple marketing. Simple opportunity lost by EA to capitalize on actually a very smart marketing concept.
  • The issue is that these companies don't want some of the money. They want all the money. They would rather say this person spent 20, instead of 4 people spent 5.

    If they can convince 1 person to spend 100 its better than 100 people spent that only spent 1.

    They aren't happy that they took some of your money they want all your money.

    They don't worry about how many people are going to spend next week, just how many spent today.
  • I don't disagree with you at all.....Sadly I have seen that very same mentality run business out of business.

    Money is money. $1 from 20,000 vs $100 from 200 customers may be the same profit for a digital product. But active buying customer bases can be invaluable and make or break the long term future of a profits.

    A high percentage of $1-$5 customers wouldn't think twice to spend another $1-$5.....double or tripling original purchases. But I can guarantee that most $100 customers have to really think long and hard about doing it again (if they ever do).
  • better than in-game ads.
  • For sure!
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