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Tech Question - App vs Update File

I believe I've read that it's largely because there is a limit on the size of a program (aka app) that you can upload to the app stores - 2GB on Apple, 4GB on Android I think. So developers with bigger programs have to split them up into an app store main section and directly downloaded 'updates'.

With big updates through the app stores, they probably include and streamline some of the previous in-app updates. It'll also be easier for them to push smaller bug fixing updates from their own servers rather than having to upload and wait on the stores.


  • ubnashubnash
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    edited June 2013
    Thanks, that helps.

    But it still annoying when the servers are running slow.

    At 30 minutes, it is up to 16/80 (117.9/274.5MB) -- I would just turn it off and try again later, but I have to harvest a tile and I don't want to wait until tomorrow.
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