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Mystery Box Value - Best Cost Efficiency

I created this thread for future use. When questions arise such as "what is the best way to build my multiplier".
I did a run of 800 donuts excluding donuts gained from the mystery box. Here are my results. 105% with 37 Vans and 31 Billboards. Some will refute and say Jet Engine Bikes are the best from the vault. However you will be spending 1000 donuts for 50 items of 100%. And I spent 798 donuts (excluding donuts gained in MB') for 68 items and 105%.
This is why I believe Mystery Boxes are the best donut value if you are strictly trying to build your multiplier. Now my results are not a everytime occurance. I made a very good outcome. Below is the chart of the possible Mystery Box outcome.
I hope this helps you in your purchase decisions. It is intended to show the BEST value within the game for boosting your multiplier.


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