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Need help with my 210 Donuts and in general

I'm level 32, my biggest problem in the game is a lack of money. I initially started hoarding donuts for the fact I wanted Dredrick Tatum since he is one of my favorite characters but after working for all these donuts I missed out on the chance to get him.

I've got a few questions thus far, my first is which characters or buildings are the best to unlock? I know some characters have missions, others don't... there are lots of new buildings out there... I'm just lost.. pretty much i've bought nothing donut related yet. I think if i am to spend money i'd rather it go towards characters/buildings that will bring me the most money, or characters that have tons of missions.

2nd question is... Do those objects from the Old Ruins boost your centro-ometer ratings? i keep winning them and I'm not a fan of the decor, but if they boost my ratings I kind of want to keep them.

3rd question is... is farming houses the best way for money?


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    Hi, there are lots of threads that will provide most of the answers:
    Read the ‘Tips For players’ , ‘Kwik-e-mart farming guide’ and ‘House prices’ threads. The tips for players thread also has information about Mystery boxes. Even at your level, you could buy 1 or 2 Kwik-e-marts each time you play (not using the XP collider until you are a higher level) then sell them back once they are built. Notice the XP you get when you build each one.
    It really is your decision what to use donuts on, but bear in mind that Black Friday Mystery boxes will be coming soon:
    Generally speaking, the longer a character has been in the game (excluding the level quests), the less likely they will have a quest line.
    The flaming torch has a 0.20% bonus, at your level it is definitely a good idea to keep playing that game for all the prizes, especially as you don’t have to use any in game money for the rewards and will help towards your conform-o-meter.

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