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How many donuts have you spent so far?



  • roman65
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  • roman65 wrote: »
    Although I joined month 1 I took a few year off from this game so I spent some $9k buying out all the boxes and on other $4k rushing jobs to get from 59 tasks to 18.

    Now that a serious tapper!
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  • I spent em all. Went nuts with the nature box last night and spent a lot. Over 2000 doughnuts. It felt awesome.
  • I'm trying to keep a sizeable pile of donuts for Christmas so I'm doing my best to keep my spending in check. Ideally, I'd like to start the event with no fewer than 1300 donuts. I've spent a little over 800 or so on Black Friday boxes. I'd spend 400 more if I knew for sure we'd get a week off before the Christmas event. If I don't get an indication of when the next event will start, I'll limit my spending to another 200 donuts on Tuesday night.
  • What do you mean so far? You mean since we started playing? I'd say 20,000 probably.....maybe more.
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  • 3000 or so. Few things left that I might get and store. Can’t decide
  • Ended up spending a few more donuts clearing out the alter-egos box and the character-building bundles from the other packs. Parted way with a lot of donuts this black Friday
  • 2800 so far... maybe I'll hit 3000 before it's all over. I'd really like the Cool Brown House, but it's among 24 other things I'm not interested in.
  • I spent about 2500 donuts on black Friday items I didn't already have and Thanksgiving, got everything except the electric car bundle. Now its time to start saving up donuts for Christmas.
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