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RTT & got the Bart screen 4/4 times..


  • I haven't been booted yet but for the last couple of days I no longer get credit for anything more that 5 RTTs at a time. Any more than that is just wasted money.
  • I have been doing 40 for months with no problem in either town. Got the Christmas teaser update and can only do up to 5 sometimes. Now I'm sure there is no connection between the release of the donut factory and many of us no longer being able do multiple RTT. That would be like a conspiracy theory right? >:) Like EA wouldn't mess with us right? >:) They love helping us right? o:) There's no conspiracy theory people here right? Oh I hope this thread doesn't go crazy. >:)>:)>:):D Merry Christmas all.
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  • I've been having issues collecting also. Like 4 out of 6 times its cut off at some point.
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  • I'm so frustrated with this. I did 3 at a time, 12 mil worth. Took me 20 min longer then normal, and got the Bart screen 8 times. Unfortunately I think this is here to stay..
  • This is punishment for not getting the donut factory.
  • Glad to hear it wasn't just me with the RTT - it's happened to me several times today too.
  • I just went thru 4 sessions of bloodmobiles. 12 at a time, no problem.
  • the conspiracy theories are fun, but it just seems like ea's servers have been struggling since battlefield 5 came out. so sayeth the twittersphere and outage report. https://outage.report/ea
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  • Just did a little test . Did 10 rtt got the Bart screen after second bonut attempt. Then did 10 bm no issue. Then 20 bm no issue. Tried 10 rtt again got the Bart screen after third bonut attempt. I'll try this again in a few days but definitely not doing any mass rtt farming until I know I'm not gonna get booted /lose tons of igc for nothing.
  • I got booted 4 times just collecting my 8 hour tasks today, just gave up eventually
  • I got the Bart screen twice yesterday and once already today just doing regular stuff like collecting kems.
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  • fastshadow2
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    i’ve gotten bart screen 3 times already today but got through 18 (6 at a time) rtts before crashing and has been crashing the same as @frosted1414, when i’m not doing anything but collecting and decorating
    yesterday, i tried freeing everyone and then rtt and had good luck and got through almost 50 rtts before crashing. i’m going to try that again later today to see if it was luck or if that will help regularly
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  • Mine is slightly different - I get booted after every single neighbour visit. Sorry neighbours visits limited until this annoyance is fixed. :/
  • I don't RTT or bloodmobile, i get random bart screens just collecting 4 or 8 hour tasks. Think its just their servers. Which doesnt bode well for when the next event starts...
  • I've been getting it when clearing my tasks or visiting my neighbors so it clearly has to be a server issue.
  • The last update has been booting me out a lot even when I haven't just dumped lots of XP on the processor. It might be a temporary bad code deal for the latest addition to the game.
  • Well it's been hitting me a lot doing all sorts of things....

    Latest being halfway through a round of Insanity Cauldron... came back in to find nothing there, tasked Homer back on his 8hr job until the next round and then realised the cauldron reset was counting down from five minutes instead of eight hours :neutral:
  • I switched it up to bloodmobiles and placed 5 at a time. Still got the Bart screen about 1/3 the time..
  • Created a new post about friends visiting bugged but will add it here too. Since mini Xmas update I visit 3 or so friends and get the Bart Unable to connect to server screen. Usually you can immediately log back in. Occasionally it requires a couple tries. I play on a 1 year old iPad Pro, iOS fully updated with around 100g free. At home I play on a 40 mps WiFi. Just tried at work for the first time since it started and it occurs here too with the added benefit of crashing in town as well.
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  • johncolombo
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    I've ben booted just logging in :o:'(
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