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Christmas building skins and character skins with animated tasks.

-Simpson House regular and tacky skins
-Flanders House tasteful
-Cletus's House tacky
-All the houses with Christmas lights

-Santa Homer 4,6,12 hour visuals
-Flanders Santa 4, 12hr
-Ice Princess Martin 60min, 12 hr
-Little Helper Ralph 60 min, 4 hr
-Festivus Comic Book Guy 60min, 8hr
-White Witch Burns 60m, 4hr, 12hr
-Ebenezer Burns 8hr, 24hr
-Grumple 60m, 4hr, 12hr, 24hr
-Star Maggie 8hr
-King Winter 12hr, 24hr
-Santa Kang 4,8
-Mrs Kodos Claus 4,12
-Conductor Otto 4,8
-Elf Bart and Lisa 60m, 8hr
-J Rigellian Christ 4,8
-Jack Frost 4,12
-Santa Claus 4,8

Feel free to add. Or please post it if there is a list out there already,


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