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A Whovian meet and greet

welcome to TSTO and the forum, can not confess to being a DR Who fan myself but the tardis car sounds like a fun project :wink:


  • pantuflin007
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    Welcome to the game and to the Forum, I will send you a friend request :mrgreen:
  • toastie624
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    What a great idea for a thread! I'm a bit of a Whovian as well, with Ten being my favorite. So excited for the 50th Anniversary episode!
    I too need friends in this game, so feel free to add me and I'll do the same :-)
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    Thank you everyone! I am glad to be here and be playing the game :) I work graveyard shift, so I will be on most likely every night.

    For those of you who sent add requests and accepted my adds as well, thank you :)

    animalia6957: Yes, the TARDIS car. erm, I mean truck is a fun project. I am still deciding if I should paint or vinyl it, but that is for a later day. Currently I am just adding decals, and lighting.

    toastie624: Yay for Ten! :) Yes, I can't wait for the 50th! Ten and Rose together again! I wonder who the 12th Doctor will be???
  • NeoSEC28
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    Welcome to the forum mate :)

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  • Skyrim-mrp
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    Hi im sure you'll enjoy it here, great fun and full of awesome people :D
    I'm not a fan but I do enjoy Dr who. David tenant was brillant and the best out of the newer Dr's but John pertwee was my all time fav :mrgreen:
  • Dahl_Lin
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    Hope you post pictures of your CARDIS as you build it!
    Sounds like a Imgur album upload waiting to happen!

    Im torn between the 9th and 10th doctor myself. But really just wish I could be watching a new season already.

    Silly me, forgot to say, WELCOME! The game is quiet addicting! :lol:
  • sahl908
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    Welcome to the forum :).

    Whovian myself. 11th is my favourite, shame he never got to meet The Master. Also lurk quite a bit on the IMDb Doctor Who forum :).
  • emmcee1
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    Welcome, mate
  • Jeebus42
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    Got hooked on the good Dr. In 1981, thank you to our local PBS station for broadcasting the series, in order, many times, from the B&W's to #7! I can't pick a fav, I think I cried when Tom changed to Peter (I was 14 & an über geek, gimme a break) Pertwee was great, I was in love w/ Sarah Jane (Romana too!). So glad they picked the series back up, it's been fantastic, Christopher & especially David! I'm ready for another Dr., Big Heads good but....... :roll:
    Welcome to the Forum, feel free to add me, as I can't see your whole name :lol:
  • imfkool
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  • InsanityRises
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    I really enjoyed the 9th doctor, disappointed he only did one season. I also really enjoyed the 10th doctor and am looking forward to seeing him at it again in the 50th anniversary episode this year.

    Welcome to TSTO
  • blackgryphon9999
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    I first saw Dr. Who when I was living in England in the mid-70s. Tom Baker had the role. I've been a fan ever since, although through the 80s it was a long wait for the episodes to make it across the pond. What a joy to have BBC America!
  • TheLadySimsalot
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    Welcome! I'm a Dr. Who fan, though maybe not a Whovian :-)

    I think there are a few others on the forum. In any case, this is a terrific place with wonderful people. There's also lots of pertinent info on the game to be found. It's pretty easy to use the search function to find answers, and there's a great walk-through guide.

    If you can't find an answer there, people are happy to help.


  • sherryt07
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    Welcome. I'm also a big time Doctor Who fan. I started watching by way of PBS when Tom Baker had the role. He'll always be my favorite, but both 10 and 11 have done GREAT jobs with the role; keeping me coming back for more.
  • ytwilson
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    I too have watched Doctor Who since I first found it on PBS way back in the early 80s. Tom Baker, teeth and curls, was the Doctor. But I actually like Peter Davidson the best of the originals. Teegan was a good companion because she wanted more than anything to get off the TARDIS. David Tennant was amazing! The writing was much better then than now. Moffat spends way too much time on one over-arching theme over a season where Russell Davies had hints throughout the season pointing toward the big climax and then brought it all together in the end. I liked that much better. Wonder who they will get to replace Matt Smith?

    Anyway, welcome! Your life will never be the same again! :)
  • blackgryphon9999
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    Ah...Dr. Who memories :-D I remember watching Logopolis (I was back in the U.S. by then) and was terribly upset that Tom Baker seemed to have died. At that point, I didn't really understand the purpose of the regenerations. So, I called a friend of mine in London to ask her if the series was continuing. She thought I was absolutely nuts.

    I think Tom Baker is my favorite from the original run and David Tenant from the current series. I wonder what will happen after the 13th regeneration? It's getting close to the end of the number of regenerations supposedly available for a Time Lord. Good planning, BBC...
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    It's wonderful seeing all you Doctor Who fans new and old, I'm glad the show is still going! They need to have a TARDIS for a premium item :mrgreen:

    Yes the "CARDIS" as "iricecracker" said, I am thinking I will be working on doing pictures. But at the same time, I think I am going to not post them until I am completely done. I still haven't decided.

    I am happy to say I just found out I can go from my IPAD to my phone with this game! Oh the hours I am going to spend on this, it's going to be outrageous. Because I can just have my IPAD sitting next to me, while I am doing whatever and randomly check it every 10 or so minutes.

    Also, everyone that added me and that I added, awesome towns! And thank you for the adds!
  • johncolombo
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    See my signature. Oh and...Run!
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  • mcmaugustwest
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    Fan of the Doctor through and through. Alas, my Springfield has been invaded by Daleks (check me out at mcmaugustwest to see Daleks in Springfield) ... Still waiting for help form a Madman in a blue box!
  • Pixxxa
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    Darn... Thought this had to do with a different kind of Whovian...
    Heh... Welcome to the forum!
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