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Visiting friends bugged

Since the pre Xmas mini update visiting friends has become a chore.
Every 3 or so friends you get the message Unable to connect to server.
You immediately click reconnect and are usually back in. Rarely you do it twice. I play a lot of games online without this problem and never had it before the update.
On iOS fully updated and a 1 year old iPad Pro with over 100g of free space.
Please fix.


  • 11EEvey
    3087 posts Member
    Unfortunately there are only other players here, so we can't fix it.
    Many are reporting getting the Bart screen multiple times a day.
    We believe they are doing some server maintenance or something to get ready for the Christmas event next week.
    Hopefully the new event will fix it.
  • Same problem here, disconnecting every few neighbours. If enough of us are experiencing this problem and post on here ea will eventually fix it, but don’t hold your breath!
  • Same problem here to, I don’t know when ea game fix this.😒😒😒
  • Same problem here except my game crashes. Sometimes after 1 neighbor. It makes it really hard to visit.
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