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hello, tappers *wink wink*
It is exactly one hour left until the event will hit our games and we will begin to grind once again.
This will be this year's last event. Feel free to chat here about things you look forward, your desires, your thoughts. *sips tea*

Sincerely, Your Christmas Spirit

  • looks like this is also a place where you can express your negativity about the on-going event....or positivity ( if you are easily impressed )
  • you might also find some interesting information you might or want to know about the event.. just dig thru all the comments.
  • If You are EA Staff member, just know that we love you and we want the best for the game and for us.
  • This thread apparently has some info on some glitches / bugs, so before making new thread - search for info here first.
  • Here you'll find information, tips, negative and positive energy, glitches, walkthroghouts etc.
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