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What DON’T you like about Christmas 2018? Only complaining please....

You are now entering a complaining zone. Please keep all criticism and insults of other players in the car at all times. Feel free to share things you DONT like about this event. We appreciate your cooperation and have a nice day...
-Editors Note-
While I do have positive things to say about the event I noticed a disparity in treatment between those who did, and didn’t, like the event. The people who pointed out things they didn’t like were frequently criticized, and for what? Having a different point of view? So, my gentle friend, relax, kick off your shoes and be at ease to to say politely what you don’t like about this event.

I really miss the Christmas-type music, the cheery jingle of sleigh bells, etc., that makes entering the game more welcoming and immersive.


  • simpsonare
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    edited December 2018
    No music is my only gripe.
  • fastshadow2
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    edited December 2018
    would have liked friend interaction like leaving presents or something
    would have liked building facades this year
    but, i do like the event, all things considered!
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  • no money purchase. want to- oh wait no
    no music feels really bad
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  • Not enough complaint threads
  • mallratcal
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    edited December 2018
    I miss friend interactions. But the game has sadly moved away from that.

    Also the hyperbolic claims that the game is dead.
  • jukan00
    2320 posts Member
    Basically just that it's four mini events shoved together.
    Also the first "prize" was something we can buy for in game cash so that seemed like a snub.
  • simpsonare
    2413 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    would have liked friend interaction like leaving presents or something
    would have liked building facades this year
    but, i do like the event, all things considered!

    I like that I have the option to give handshakes over things. But a more friendly gift/greeting would be nice to have.
  • I'm looking out the window and see snow and cold. Blarch!
    I wanna be able to turn the Springfield snow off.
  • That there's no music and that's really it for me.
    Here have a banana!!
  • For me, the biggest disappointment is the lack of Christmas lights.
  • the server didn’t crash🤭
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  • Listen, I'll start of with the positive so that the negative contrast seems more critical.

    The positive is simple, and simply this:

    Mino events are less pressure, your own pace, and often less hectic, hopefully they devote this time to fixing bugs and glitches.

    ( Hahahaha)

    The negatives?

    Well, most of the ambience is gone, give us something... Anything. If you gave krustyland visitors a festive look or switched them with previous years carolers or NPCs that would have been creative!

    Lack of Friendship incentives means it's just another 4hr grindfest. I don't mind, but it's not everyone's cup of tea.

    You remember the Naughty or Nice gift box Friend visit from a couple years back? That was Nice, I think it was Naughty of EA not to add something similar this year.

    The prizes are ok, and no crafting means players can get whatever they want...but you could have used this event template for any other EVENT!


    Fine, the "Winter Solstice" event?

    I wrote a somewhat detailed bit of info last time, yup I know about the winter solstice, I know he wasn't born in December I know.

    Frankly I don't care about holidays either, yup, I don't really care.

    If you care about someone you don't do things once a year, you do it as often as you'd like, daily reminders or some surprise at an unexpected time!

    For me all holidays are, are simply days I count until the sale aisle at a store restock on seasonal candies and stuff.

    However that isn't to say I can't enjoy the festive look on trees, or streets!

    It can be annoying to hear the same song day in and day out, but for a month? I can bear it.

    It's interesting, to say the least, but not the smartest time to experiment with ideas.

    Opening up a new water attraction at a water park in order to incentivize sales is not a bad idea, Opening up a new water attraction at a water park in the winter makes no sense at all (unless it's a skating rink, and this event dear sirs, is no skating rink!)
  • Love your inimical topic Beasty! I miss having more things to do.
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  • This thread is a good idea.

    I'm hoping there will be actual music later on in the event. That or simply turning on the normal OST would be great. It also feels like a more extravagant mini event, story-wise, which I like but I can see people get turned off by that.

    Hopefully we can get this thread pinned and all critique threads get merged & contained here.
  • One thing I have been thinking is as this is all mini events there will be no bonuts.


    This means premium items purchased for extra event currency generation are of a lower value. There is no point going faster as no bonuts to collect at the end and no addition items from extra crafting currency.

    So there is a Boon gone.
  • ZennGlenn
    1789 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    ☯️🎄Excellent thread🎄☯️

    ...basically already went thru my initial 'joyous friggin freakout' / concerns via my fairly well viewed 💩Land Token💩 thread, but glad to chime in here in cordial agreement of good will, with most points made all being quite valid & having decent relevance...

    So, just a couple particular gripes:
    •Aforementioned missing holiday music for more complete gaming immersive experience
    •Optional neiboreeno earning incentive tasks could also be more fun
    •And, some further New character interactive tasks... although engaging previous character skins like Festivus CBG, fulfills things along with the very welcome, PURRRRRRFECTLY bizarre Ms Claws, who certainly is a lovely favorite new addition...

    Am glad to contribute in venting playful Griswold flavored complaints here if things further disintegrate, but am remaining cautiously optimistic we'll be seeing more enjoyable additions as things progress🎄🤓👌🏽

    ...😬💩Heads up Santa!!!💩😬...


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  • I'd prefer nudity.
  • - The four mini-event structure makes it feel uneventful.

    - The decorations don't feel that Christmassy.
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  • I don't like the fact there is next to nothing to do and hardly any new content.
  • I'm so bored, I visited my neighbor's, half of them anyway! :D
    Hopefully, things will get more interesting.
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