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Bundle Issues

I have a post over on EA Answers
If you have had a problem getting an item because you already owned part of the bundle and then were not offered the item you were missing separately, please add your Me Too and comment what the Bundle issue was.
I would like to get more comments for EA.
If you have an issue with a bundle, I suggest that you contact EA, explain the situation and ask if there is anything they can do.
Always be polite. Offer to pay for it, tell them how much it upsets you because you have spent real cash in the game (if you have)
If they can't or won't help, which a lot of first level support really can't help, then hang up and request another ticket for missing content.
They will probably only help while the bundle issue is actually in the game, but you never know.
They also will only give you one or two items, so ask for the most important thing first.
Posting in game discussion for visibility


  • thank you for making this thread ellie. maybe i'll finally get my golddiggers sign from the casino event now! :lol: me too added.
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  • Thanks! :)
  • Thanks Ellie, so annoying if you only have part of a bundle. I logged onto an old town to get some screenshots of of possible bundle issues:
    Funzo bundle, Plow King’s Plow bundle, Santa Homer/Flanders bundle, Ice Princess Martin bundle.
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  • Wow Thanks for doing that @Muhsterino
  • daved7637397
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    I commented basicly the same thing over there, advocating calling EA help like we did with Mrs Sinclair during the black friday sale. Maybe they'll get tired of giving things away for free and fix it so EVERYONE can buy what they want/need. These bundles making one part unavailable if one other part is previously owned is crazy. Its like they dont want to make money!
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