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Stop the garfitti already newbs! ROAR



  • ‘Garfitti’ is street art where I’m from 😋
  • jimmyw31
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    I don’t get why people who still need to visit towns outside of event specials still need to visit and then to garfitti people. You know this can sometimes drop that towns bonuses... riiiight!.! I still have peeps over lvl 100 doing it to me. I always retaliate and nail them for several days and will remove them if they continue. I’m just posting here as most of my friends I got by here or posting wanting friends. Seriously ... we spend earned donuts or sometimes actual $$ getting higher bonus. Quit wrecking plz. Thanks

    Cleaning graffiti off of those buildings is the only way they earn money/xp. Your friends are actually helping you make more money and gain xp by spraying.
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  • I use to do this and I am so sorry to all my neighbors. Sadly, until/unless players start paying attention to their stars, it just isn't obvious what happens when you tag/get tagged, and very few seem to get involved in following the blog/forums and find out that way.

    Honestly, when it happens to me, I brush it off for a bit (just in case the player does it accidentally/is really new and doesn't know), but when the grace period is over and it continues, they go bye-bye.
  • I just brush it off as an accident and got so many walls down and they can be hidden behind any big/tall building even stations and they count. Monorail stations can hide like around 12 each.
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