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How much money do you have?



  • Netting 4-5 mil every 4hrs. Want to get another 300% on my multiplier and I'll be at 3,000%. I'm morely just collecting income and laying around 200-300 KEMs and getting around 250 donuts. I'm not going to kem every time I log in anymore. It is no longer necessary and takes a chunk of willpower. So I plan to just collect when I'm in the mood and KEM when I want to net some bonuts. Currently at 45mil. I just started this method and seems more doable for me to continue playing with it enjoyable. That every 4hr grind turns ya to a prune. But Im hoping I'll be up around 100mil by New Years Eve. If not that I will definitely have filled some stores with donuts.
    $$Donuts isn't an issue$$ -$1,000 spent-tk7ebwtnrlv3.jpg
  • Oh, about tree fiddy!
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