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Another "best way to spend a truckload" post :)

Duffman. Best character there is. Although Moleman and Frink are pretty awesome too.


  • jacko_9997
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    edited June 2013
    Both Krustylu Studios and the community centre are good value compared to other times.
    Krustylu studios (with sideshow mel)- 140 donuts
    Community centre (with Jasper) - 150 donuts
    If I was you I would buy krustylu studios then you will have 60 left over to get another character (Bumble Bee man, Moleman, both 60 donuts) Or you could just go YOLO and get the community centre so Jasper can paddle, but then you'd have a random 50 donuts spare and be like :|
  • iliketoannoyyou
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    I would get frinks lab and invest 69p on a scratch card with any luck get 12 nuts to invest on a chara.......failing that could get svt leaving 20 for w/e :mrgreen:
  • stevep52
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    edited June 2013
    This is how I would spend my 200 if I was trying to maximize cash:

    Aztec Theater - 80: Adds a premium task to Bart (3 hours) & Comic Book Guy (6 hours)

    Squeaky Voice Teen - 30: 4 hour task at Aztec theater and 1 hour task comes available with the Gilded Truffle and 8 hours with Jake's Unisex.

    Hans Moleman - 60: 6 hour at Krusty Burger and 8 at the power plant. 1 & 4 hour tasks open up with the town hall and prison.

    With those you will still have 30 donuts left over.

    Duff Man is great, but does not give you the earning power as those above - and costs more donuts.

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