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no game connection

i can even play this game it says cannot connect to server it keeps reconnecting and nothing is happing


  • 11EEvey
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    edited December 2018
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  • dude I I just did this I have an origin account I dont want start all over again from beginning I just want to play this **** game
  • Number 1 Not a dude as you should be able to tell from my name
    Number 2. You're not going to continue from the beginning, Just see if it lets you. You can log in any time if the problem isn't your original town.
    Number 3. If you already did all that, then why didn't you say so in your post?
    Number 4. I was trying to help, but now you can figure it out yourself.
    Number 5. Happy New Year to You.
  • how long does it take go back were started from when it crashed hours days weeks months
  • nothing happened I still cant play this game
  • please delete this
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