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A little bit of my views.

Hello everyone, today I decided to sell my Xbox One. Why? Because mobile gaming is giving me more enjoyment! Yes, this thread is a fact of my opinion. I have things I need to take care of and thought I could part ways with console gaming because of mobile gaming. This community is the life blood of the game (when respectful of others). Sure the game is great but having communication about our views with every update adds life within its gaming walls. We all share stories and opinions. The console community is so toxic. The mobile community certainly I feel is more accepting.

So I play this and SimCity BuildIt currently. I have Need For Speed No Limits also that I play occasionally. The other mobile games I'm looking forward to is Diablo Immortal and Elder Scrolls Blades. This is where gaming is at. Why? Because they are continually evolving with stories to date. They contain todays world view and create defying concepts. Mobile gaming is the biggest gaming player base. And I can't wait until I get a high end tablet to play my games on. I imagine more controller compatible games will come also for mobile as they increase with technology. This is already possible to a certain limitation. Anyways thanks for stopping by and hearing my rambling. I enjoy mobile gaming and can leave console gaming for it.


  • This is the first game forum I’ve been on and it’s helped me and I’ve helped or tried to help others. IMO I prefer consoles over mobile games mainly as I’ve played with a console most of my life. I just love the whole console experience plus on a phone your limited to your phone battery where as your console is always plugged in to a socket. The only mobile game I wish was on a console would be tsto I would like to have been able to play it on a console. I’ve loved simpsons games on the consoles they were/are great.
  • I was given an Xbox classic model during a cable subscription decades ago. I bought a few games. Very expensive. One of which is medal of honour. I found myself very sick and nausea playing it. But my older brother managed to clear and complete all the missions. I think I got halo and hulk and Spiderman game too. I opened halo for my younger cousins when they came during the new year. I explored hulk and Spiderman and simply do not know how to play it. Later my console has a CD tray malfunctioning and then Microsoft also announced that they will not be servicing the console anymore. I think I still got a few new games in wrapper. Overall it is a waste of money. I wished I had not been given the console.
  • Microsoft are utter useless
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