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Ot-Now You See Me

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I loved it too, was actually pleasantly surprised as the trailer made it look like a time-travel scifi and it was actually a logical and intelligent story. Great cast, too.


  • Nonoddie
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    I'm going tomorrow. Was supposed to wait till my bday (7/7) to see it with friends. Shhhh...don't tell :-o
  • Pixxxa
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    Haven't seen it yet, but the trailers look awesome! Glad to hear people are liking it! Now I'm getting outta this thread before any spoilers appear LOL. :-o
  • sammercer12
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    Glad to hear its good I might see it some day
  • NeoSEC28
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    Think this thread should have *spoiler* in the title just in case as I haven't seen it yet but curiosity will make me read this thread :lol:
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  • mec06
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    After reading this thread I decided to watch the trailer and now I want to see it, it looks really good.. now to convince MW that this should be the movie we see tomorrow night instead of Superman :D
  • Land0fComedy
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    cl891 wrote:
    I saw this last night. Very good. The trailer doesn't show much but when you watch the film you understand that the trailer was made vague on purpose because it can't show too much from the movie without risking giving the plot away.

    + 1 spot on about the trailer


    GREAT movie!
  • crosby357
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    It was pretty good, I really liked it.
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