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Thank You EA & Creators. (coming character spoiler)

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I just want to say that I am very happy we are getting this iconic character. Its a good scene of lisa and him. I look forward to seeing the dialog when he returns. The universe in the simpsons continues on. Its so great to have a 30 year show that has a game. Content comes from ages past that bring a older time to your mind. Im specifically waiting for matador grandpa to return. I remember watching that bull running episode sitting on my grandads lap. He passed away with cancer when I was around 8. But I love the simpsons game. It has a life of its own. Updates that bring new existence to our towns. And the combo with the amazing show creators is a power that will continue on until its final breath. Long live the Simpsons!
Please keep game spoils in their reserved space to keep everybody's rights respected. I checked out the wiki page to see what EA wanted us to see. Its coming out strong. Look forward to whatever else may be coming. Honestly, getting
Mr Bergstrom
makes this event for me.


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