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What Changed with the Love, Springfieldan Style Updates? (1/29)

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January 29th Update (Love, Springfieldan Style Patch 1)
  • Alice Glick's Have a Knitting Circle job can now be done at Brown House too, without unlocking it as a prize in the Not Yet Spring Cleaning event, but it's not animated.
  • The bug not rewarding Free Land Tokens correctly from Golden Goose Records if 9 less than the max unlocked land was purchased was fixed.
January 23rd Update (Love, Springfieldan Style)
  • The app icon and the splash screen were changed to new ones for the event.
  • The normal ambient music was added back.
  • Jobs at Le Krusty Burger are now premium.
  • Willie's Shack is now also buyable after starting Rome-Eh and Julie-Aye Pt. 1.
  • The Free Land Token reward from Daily Challenges can't be activated if all land blocks are owned.
  • Bart's Treehouse is now also buyable after starting Rome-Eh and Julie-Aye Pt. 5 and Bart to Another Future Pt. 1.
  • Jenda, Nikki McKenna and Samantha Stankey can now Moonbounce.
  • The unreleased 9 blocks of land on bottom was released.
  • If the task job is longer than 24 hours, the rush button is now disabled.
  • Park Engineer can now Check Operation Status only if Ride Attractions are placed instead of Attractions. A new group was added "Is Ride Attraction" to the item groups, containing all ride attractions.
  • Krustyland's auto nuke crash was fixed.
  • Countess Dracula, Nosferatu, The Devil, Slick, She-Wolf, Werewolf, Beatrice, Womenhet, Frankenstein's Monster, Julienstein, Witch, Voodoo Queen, Amenhotep, Fortune Teller and Xylem were added to the Adult character group.
  • Santa's Little Helper jobs in The Simpsons Christmas Special event were fixed.
  • Ms. Claws' Provoke Cats job can now be done at Flanders House too.
  • Brendan Beiderbecke's jobs are now premium.
  • In **** Brat Pt. 5, Brendan and Beiderbecke and Nelson's Be Amazed Lisa Rejected Them and Lisa's Prepare for STEM Conference are now premium.
  • On Kindle Fire, the zoom was bugged.
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