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Love, Springfieldian Style: Prizes



  • 1EllieG7294
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    Shelbyville Elementary Skinner 4h Teach Across the Border
    Joe's Tavern Moe 4h Have a Flaming Joe
    Speed E Mart Apu 4h Critique Cometitor's Store
    Shelbyville Bluffs Bart 4h Own Shelbyville
    Golf n Die Dondelinger 1h Cancel Tee Time 8h Bottle Up Anger /Grampa 4h Upgrade Retirement Homes

    Contraception Overlook tap animation
    Quantum Tunnel Tap Animation
    Future Plastic Surgery Center Selma 4h Get a Tail Patty 4 h Get Cat Ears
    Future Limo Tap animation
    Olde Towne Grampa 4h Yell at Info Kiosks
    Skate Park Nikki 8h Teach Neighborhood Kids/ Bart 4h Upgrade Shred
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