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Petition to bring back Golden Goose Realty


  • Completely blinked on this item. Would love to see it come back. I have absolutely no space!!!
  • I don't understand the discussions. It's a game and supposed to be fun. I missed the golden goose too, because traveling. The Golden goose realty was just offered for some days!
    I am playing this game since 2013... I really enjoy it. But land gets more expensive as much as you buy.
    And after spending a lot of money on land, you will only get more land with this special land marks.
    Its frustrating cause I can not grow anymore. I can't buy buildings because I got no space and no land marks.
    At some Point You need this building.
    Frustration in a game means no fun.
    Buildings like the golden goose and donut Fabrik should be offered more often!
    What if I just start the game now? Will I never get the golden goose realty? That would be totally unfair.?!
  • Please please bring back the Golden Goose Realty. It’s the only building which produces landmarks. Everyone will come to the point where you need landmarks to get all the land. And waiting for landmarks takes ages. So please EA bring an other building wich produces landmarks.
  • I’ve seen pretty much everything come back at some point or another and I’ve been playing since the beginning. It’s been four months since it was initially offered, I’ve seen things take up to four years until available again, like the stonecutters.

    I’m definitely signing this petition and I hope EA recognizes the need players have for land.

    Doesn’t EA realize that the the more land a player has, the more likely they are to spend on donuts for premium stuff???? They are snoozing so hard...
  • millercourt4
    1 posts New member
    Signing because I didn't know about this building until just now. Those who think people who miss out the first time should just deal with it need to lighten up. It is not competition it is world building and fun.
  • KLmaker
    1479 posts Member
    I missed GGR as well, I had been buying a couple of buildings in the event section, but GGR wasn't in there, it was in premium section even though it was only available for that event???

    So I missed it which I find extremely annoying.
    I web chatted with an EA adviser, and he said, There is no planned update.

    I read somewhere, the last time it was available was 2 years previous to the last event, so going by that timeframe, it should come back around in about 20 months, Jan 2021?

    But I do need it a lot lot sooner than that.
  • Please bring this back EA. I’ve been playing since 2014 and somehow missed this item. At this point, I need it to continue building/playing. Please offer in the vault or mystery boxes at least!
  • Please bring back GGR. I am playing since many years and miss it.
  • Catching up here too. Please EA, this building should be permanent all the time, even more expensive if it's what it takes! Being stuck without the ability to expand is a turn off to play this game ...
  • KLmaker
    1479 posts Member
    edited June 2019
    Have you tried web chat with a EA adviser on Answers.EA.HQ, they might pass on your comments up the line and you never know they might listen.

    You use the same login that you do here, though you still have to set up an account, I THINK, and don't forget to confirm the email.

    I missed it as well, might give them another call actually.
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  • jtplay
    1 posts New member
    Please bring back Golden Goose. I can only buy land with land tokens my Springfield is too full, I can not build anything until I get more land!!
  • C'mon EA Bring back the GGR already...this is the same problem I have!!😡😡
  • PhoenicianSn
    58 posts Member
    edited August 2019
    EA, I missed the Golden Goose Realty and the Donut Factory because my father passed away last year and I had been taking care of him for the last two years of his life. Obviously, it took me some time to rebound, and I missed out on several, including the two aforementioned buildings, events in 2018.

    I have been playing since 2012, and have laid down a lot of money into this game. More than I care to admit, to avoid being committed for being absolutely tapped out crazy.

    As the events since I got drawn back into the game have not really offered any of these land tokens, and the tokens offered as rewards for those side quests are few and far between, I am stuck and stagnant and cannot really place anything from these last several events.

    Please, please, please bring back the Golden Goose Realty at the very least! Donut Factory as well if you are feeling gratuitous.

    Thank you!
  • If EA is not going to bring it back any time soon, then at least put land tokens back into the events. People without GGR needs some way to get more land. And don't point out daily quests. I've only seen 2 land tokens in the daily quests since the GGR came out.
  • KLmaker
    1479 posts Member
    When they burned KL I had to use up the Tokens they gave me, about 80, to expand through IGC land as everything was far too squashed, now I need to expand along the mountains, as the area I have set aside up there goes into LT tiles that area is filling up and going nowhere as well.

    I got an LT in Daily Challenge a few days ago and got another one earlier this year, and that is it, apparently there were some in events earlier this year, though I admit I don't remember them and it feels like a long time ago.

    The GGR is needed.
  • Really need the GGR,Have no more land to buy ? How do I keep playing the game with no way for more land.
  • Why is this still even a question EA? Bring it back!
  • Agree! Very much need this building back!
  • I had no idea that I had missed out on something like this, and would be happy to aquire it if it returned.
  • Contacting support this is what you get so we need to load this forum up with request to bring it back only way it’s going to happen.
    There reply.
    Thank you for contacting EA Help! My name is Douglas!

    I would recommend posting this as feedback on the official TSTO forums as that's where our development team looks for feedback from our players about things like this. Please see the link below:


    Now that I've provided you with information about our forums,
    we consider this case closed but if you have any further questions or if there's anything on your mind,
    you know you're more than welcome to contact us again.

    I wish you all the best and I hope you have a good one!

    Don't forget that you can also tweet us @EAHelp, or visit https://answers.ea.com/,
    where you can get help or gameplay tips from our community 24/7.

    Thank you for contacting EA Help!
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