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Petition to bring back Golden Goose Realty



  • KLmaker
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    edited October 2019
    I felt just irritated as you when I spoke to them as well, though the one I spoke too, sent me a link for twitter :s:s:s

    Their replies are beyond contempt.

    And as for the Development Team taking note of what's on the forum, oh please stop, you're killing me. :D:D:D:D

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  • Please bring back Golden Goose Realty or at minimum let me buy the land, I have 480 million bucks.

    Thank you
  • Putin’s tokens rack in events would be nice too. Are you listening EA?
  • Any word if they are bringing back golden goose realty?
  • Any word if they are bringing back golden goose realty?

    Usual EA silence on that one unfortunately, though they really do need to bring it back soon and I cannot see how they can "NOT" know about it
  • I desperately need for them to make the Golden Goose available again and hope it does soon. I was unaware of it when it was available and didn't get to buy it. I've been playing the game for years but have just about used up all the land you can buy with cash. Since events rarely give land tokens and you can't just buy them with cash or even donuts I really need this building. Will continue to hope for the best.
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