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Tapped Out dying?



  • Willy9292 wrote: »
    Willy9292 wrote: »
    simpsonare wrote: »
    I wouldn't be too bothered if it did, as it would likely mean we'd get a new Simpsons game for consoles instead.

    Lol... Wouldn't be bothered? Maybe this isn't your game then. 😶

    I enjoy playing it, but really it's just an online simulation game. It doesn't mean anything like staring at a physical copy of a game on your shelf does.

    Can't say I have ever started at a copy of a game on a shelf, and if I did can't see it meaning anything other than wasted time.

    Really? You've never looked at a shelf with games on wondering which one to play?


    Me neither. Not even when games came in physical copies. My money is too precious and the games to expensive to do impulse buying like that.

    You're saying you've never bought any game ever?
  • No, that's not what I said at all.
  • 4junk3000 wrote: »
    Step up from 6 years ago (see graphic).
    kinda explaining why donut farming hasn't been shut down. Farmers are directly inflating those top two stats.

    That’s why they put donuts spent instead of donuts bought. Donuts bought would probably be a pretty small number. The only reason Kwik-i-marts placed isn’t higher is that rat trap trucks is faster if Bart doesn’t kick you out. I haven’t bothered with Kwik-i-mart farming in ages.
  • simpsonare
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    I do Kwik e marts because it feels wasteful doing it any other way.
  • No, that's not what I said at all.

    Then you must have stared at games on your shelf at some point.
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