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Role changes: Member or New Member

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We are introducing a new member system in order to curb some recent trolling behavior on the forum.

I'm new to the forum, how do I become a "Member"?

You need 10 Points, 3 Posts and have an account older than 3 days to become a Member.

Everyone joining the forum for the first time start out with 0 Points, you can then increase your points to become a Member. You can check your point total by clicking on your profile points are seen on the profile:

I mean, if I can get over 500 while working for EA, it shouldn't be too hard right?

How do I earn points?

1. When someone reacts to your post, by hitting "Insightful", "Agree" or "Like" your post you get 1 point:

2. By earning forum badges, with your day to day activity. For instance by commenting on topics, getting a certain amount of reactions or even anniversaries badges. Here are some examples:

Being a "new member" has certain disadvantages.
  1. New members can't post or upload images.
  2. New members cannot post links or use formatting /BBcode (italics, bold, etc).
  3. New members can not add signatures.
  4. New members can not have a profile picture.
  5. New members can not react to posts.
  6. New members can not direct message people

If you have any questions on this please let us know.


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